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Name: Alice

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Hometown: Southill

Class: Bard / Annihilator

Known guild affiliations: Blackhawk company, recruit

Known current dwelling place (and contact): Vorin's Treasure Trove & Rest, north of Mikona (Leave a message)

Most active in: Alice is usually seen in Mikona and in M'Chek, but she sometimes visits the Wilderness or Elysia

((OOC: Portrait download))

Physical Description

Alice is a young human girl. Good looking, she has a rather athletic body thanks to the time she spends adventuring and exploring the world. She has light blue eyes, white shoulder length hair and pale skin. Clashing with her skin, she has black tattoos, some of them visible on her arms. She has a white scar on her left forearm, just right on the vein, where Simon cut her to sample her blood.

She usually wears black or otherwise dark colored clothes, and while traveling in dangerous areas her preferred suit of armor is a chain shirt made of light mithril, which allows her to move without hindrance. Even if she doesn't usually carry many weapons with her, she has a quite large selection to choose from: a katana and a wakizashi sheathed at her belt are almost always a must, as well as a fine longbow; Alice then chooses from time to time which other weapon to carry around, usually between halberds, nagamakis and similar weapons. The most common one is a fine two bladed sword, the holy sword of the Murderlord's chosen ones.

While her neck was usually adorned by a two runed necklace, she's lately seen wearing a holy symbol of Aarilax.

Known habits and personality traits

Alice seems to be always nice when talking to others, and is always eager to chat even if sometimes it seems she wants to keep her distance. She's more comfortable with a small number of people, and tends to just listen when there are too many she doesn't know.

Eager to learn, she is always curious about new stuff and often that leads her into trouble. When she's not studying in the library in Mikona she's often seen wandering around restlessly, almost constantly bored if she has nothing to do. Making some apple juice seems to work when she has absolutely nothing else to do, and is thus sometimes seen working on Jerto's alchemist apparatus. While her innate curiosity leads her to study almost everything, her main interest is art in general: poems, songs, dance and paints equally awaken her interests, as do all she sees as beautiful.

Her weakness for sweets, candies and good wine is well-known, as is her distaste for portals since they tend to cause her sickness (not dissimilar to seasickness) when used.

Known facts: hometown

"Well, my past isn't exactly exciting, but whatever. I was born in Southill, and lived there with my family - my father, my mother and my lil' sister. Both my sis and I spent our first years with our mom, either at home or at the tavern, since she couldn't afford a nanny and the few coins she got working there were useful. A strong woman, I have to give it to her: managed to raise us both while working, and taught us to read and write, too. Following her to the tavern wasn't really that fun, but at least we got to hear the occasional bard performing one of his pieces. As soon as I was old enough, dad started to ask me to help him in the field: I tell ya, being a farmer is boring as hell, and wears ya out. Having to help dad, I couldn't go to the tavern that often anymore, and damn I missed the ballads I heard there.. Eventually I met a bard, I was fourteen at the time I think, who fascinated me. It seems the feeling was mutual, as we started seeing each other almost every evening, talking about everything it crossed our minds: he taught me how to sing, how to dance, how to play the flute. I started to understand why I felt uneasy while thinking about my daily life: it wasn't meant for me, or rather that wasn't what I truly desired. For an year and a half we continued to meet and he continued to teach me every time he was in Southill, and I lived for those evenings, eager to learn more about the world to at least flee from home with my imagination. He was quite the traveler, but after every journey he used to come back to me. Like everything else, anyway, that had to have an end too: he had to leave for a longer than usual journey, and I never did see him again. At first I feared something happened to him, but I came to know from one of the other storytellers in the tavern that he just left with another woman. I was sixteen at the time, and I didn't take it well. I blamed that jerk for quite a long time and continued to help my family, barely speaking, for months. I wanted to do nothing at all. As they say, anyway, time heals everything and I found myself not able to let what he taught me go: I loved what he represented way more than him himself, and I decided to spend my evenings in the tavern, learning from all the travelers and bards that passed by. Month after month my curiosity continued to grow, and I really didn't feel like I could continue to live that way. As soon as I turned eighteen, I just left and decided to learn by myself, so here I am."

Alice stops for a moment, and sips a little wine.

"See? Everybody's story. My past is no secret, but that's all I'll give away without knowing ya better."

((Note: both the bard and the sister roles are open to play, just contact me if you want to.))