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Race: Changeling
Gender: Male
Origin: Kuras
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Residence: Ferrell, Port Eridanus Currently
Deity: Forian
Class Cleric / Confounder
Guild ROTE; Followers of Forian

Vital Statistics as Human:

Height: 6ft..
Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Build: Has a Runners, Athletic Build
Skin tone: Slight Tan

Appearance as Human:

Being a Changeling, AJ takes on different Facial features, hair styles, and even beard styles, when it suits his purposes. Unlike others of his Race, he is open about being a Changeling, though he doesn't advertise it to others. Currently he stands 6ft even, and about 200 lbs in this form. Long Red Hair, and Goatee, and has had Tattoos added from an off-world shop on Yssgard.

Other Forms:

AJ has memorized several other forms, most of which he is open with. Those Forms include:

  • Packbear
  • Raccoon
  • Dog
  • Elf
  • Angel

There are a few others as well, that he is not Publicly know as.


Born in Kuras, the capital of the Kurathene Empire, AJ was abandoned by his parents. As a child he took the form of a Human, which he is recognized in, and lived in an orphanage for some time. He was adopted by a Couple that was part of the Kurathene guard, and named after the Father of his adopted Mother, Alestint Johanson. His adopted parents were also Holy Warriors to the gods Gorethar, and Toran with his mother being a Paladin and father being a Justicar. His household was very strict, and AJ's chaotic ways soon found him in trouble with both of his parents. Eventually, it was discovered that he was a changeling, and his parents became even more determined to keep him from Chaos. The more his parents came down on him, the more he embraced living in the moment, and doing what HE wanted. Eventually AJ fully embraced Forian and his teachings. By chance or by luck, he found a Holy Symbol of Forian, and dedicated his life to him.

One day his parents were going this his room, and found his Symbol to Forian. They were outraged. Having hidden himself, AJ watched as they tore the house looking for him. After they left, he grabbed his few belongings, and left. He stowed away on a ship headed south, in the form of a Dog, and waited till he got to Mikona. He then book passage to Ferrell, where he had heard a Shrine to Forian was.

Adoptive Family

  • Mother: Gabriela Johanson - Paladin of Gorethar
  • Father: Lucas Johanson - Justicar of Toran (took his Wife's Surname when wedded, as he did not have one.)
  • Step-Sister: Joanna Johanson - Priestess of Valok and Dominator in Training
  • Step-Brother: Marcus Johanson - Currently not in the service of an Avlis god

It wasn't until recently that AJ learned he has a Step Brother and Sister. Now that he knows of them, he plans on keeping in touch with them.


After visiting the Shrine to Forian at the Merchant House ROTE, AJ set about learning what he could of the life in Ferrell. He settled into life there, preaching about Forian, and living his ways. Soon he met a man named Frulamin Hawklight, and another named Gurky. They both took him in, and gave him a start in adventuring, and more importantly a Job. AJ started working for ROTE as a collector, which at the time suited his lifestyle of wandering. Eventually, after years, he was taken on as a partner, and now helps by Managing the Ferrell Style location.

During his wanderings, AJ has been all over Southern Negaria, from the city of Mikona to the city of Visimontium. After discovering the Portal to Sigil, deep inside Deglos, AJ has been off world, to where he has seem far off places on a world called Arkaz, and another called Ysgarrd.

Drotid War - Fall of Elysia:

After the Shaahesk took over the city state of Elysia, AJ felt compelled to do something. There was a perfectly good castle, in the center of the city, not being used. So he devised a plan. He was going to work for the Resistance, Le'Negedith to get in on there good graces, and then once the war was over he was going to claim Champion's Keep for himself. He had planed on renaming it Confounder's Keep, and turn it into a Brothel. During his time in Le'Negedith, he went by the name, General Ale, and he even had his own sleeper cell of resistance fighters. Sadly, he felt that the majority of the Resistance were idiots, Lunatics, and Morons, and decided to bail when things got boring. To this day, he thinks that its a fluke that the resistance lived as long as it did.

While in Le'Negedith, AJ assisted in enchanting a magical door that was to protect the base, and led a team to become Brown Water Pirates.

Working with Plaque:

AJ after arriving to Ferrell, did a few jobs for a lady named Plague. At first, it was because he needed the gold, and she promised him a case of Shemathen Root Beer. However, over time, it started to seem he was being played and used. So, he turned stag on her, and informed the Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi Warmaster Thorfinn Kiff, and Fletcher Millstone, of where she lived. They paid her a visit one night based on his intelligence.


While on one of his many outings, AJ was traveling through Elysia and ended up helping a Kobald with Pixie wings. This Kobald was a messenger from Jax letting us know that Astoria, a fellow Forianite, was being held captive in the Fadescape. AJ, along with a number of others, including a Dominator, Kandi of the Red Order, a halfling in the Blackhawks, and the Hin named Rain, went to the Fadescape to rescue her. The Fadescape is a plane of existence that is Forian's seat, it is anything and everything, pure joy and bliss for those whose alignments are Chaotic Neutral. Not unlike Limbo, but less harsh.

After the party found Astoria, and several creatures that imprisoned her, they journeyed back to Avlis on board a flying ship, that the Dominator Captained and Piloted.

Jax, Astoria, Grib, and Faithspinning/Stardancing:

Jax, is another name for Forian. Astoria and Grib are servants to him. A lot is not known of Faithspinning, and Stardancing, but AJ wants to learn of it.

The Blood War

*AJ is unsure how this report, and the follow up ones from Magus Thienna Thel, and from Warmaster Finn got out of his locker at ROTE HQ. If asked, AJ says Lome did it in one of his Drunken states, and never to drink with a Satyr.*

Warmaster Kiff, Magus Thienna Thel, and Magus Kassha,

As I said last night I would report on what happen to me, not once but twice. While sitting at the Stag, I was taken by those Devilish bastards, who has been kidnapping warriors for some reason, we may have learned of last night. The experience left me in lots of Pain, as it felt like my spine was being ripped out my back, most of the trip was like darkness, but in one place there was enough light, to make it look like I was traveling through the Astral Plane. I had been here before, when rescuing Astoria from the Fadescape. The feeling of being ripped from my Home Plane, combined with the pain from my back, was almost enough to make me pass out. But I didn't. In short order, I was standing in front of those Devilish Bastards.

The Room looked like a Fortress, and I will describe what I can remember.

1. Two sets of Wooden Double Doors were behind me; The stone work reminded me of cut stone and mortar. Other Doorways were on the side of the rectangular room. Two brazers were giving off light, and possible other sources as well.

2. A raised stone, or was it wood, platform along the other wall, in which our culprits stood. On it was a Mirror, a Throne, and a large stone table. Also some candles.

3. A pentagram was where I stood. It was designed and made of blood. There was a pedestal at each point with a claw-hand, and red gem in on top that sparkled. Between each of the pedestals, were a staked out / rack fashion, humanoid who was bleeding and near death. Their blood flowed into and formed the summoning circle.

The culprits consisted of five beings, 2 Humanoid looking ones (1 male, 1 female), 2 hounds, and 1 Devilish looking one. I'm sorry but I didn't get a good look at the Devil, so I can not say what kind it was.

The Male Humanoid, had Dark Hair and Bat-like wings. Wearing what appeared to be an Armor sort of robe. It lets his Arms free, and most of his upper chest. The woman also had wings, I think a Tail as well, and was wearing a blood red colored robe. The two hounds, were as large as Dire Wolves, but without the protruding skeletal structure they would have along their ridge. Both were under command, and laying at the ready.

When I got there, the male figure became mad, and turned on his assistant. The Female sneered at me, when she saw my Forian made Confounder Armor. Not sure why people don't like us, even on the outer planes.... Anyways, they spent several moments arguing in what I believe is the Ba'ataezu language Infernal, only to ask me one question in common. The male asked, in more of a Statement, if I was a Forianite, and after saying yes, they went back to arguing. I continue to try and probe what they were discussing, but it was to no effect. When I tried to leave the circle to confront them, the male dismissed me with a wave of his finger. It flung me back across the Astral, and back to Avlis.

It was then that Liam was taken, while I was explaining what happen to me. Thienna tried to scry where he went, aided by a prayer from me to Forian, and I ended up dispelling it, as it was getting close to going to hell in a hand basket. Forian + Infinity = ??? I also posed my theory that the Devilish Bastards are using a reverse form of Planar Ally. To Summon Us from the Prime to the Lower Planes. I will admit, it might be a different spell than the 6th circle one that I can cast, but it is a conjuration magic, yanks an outsider to the Prime through the Astral. It seemed to me, some were disregarding the Confounder, who is also a Priest of Forian.

After this point, I decided I needed a tonic for my head, and I had some work at ROTE to do, so I left after saying I would write this report, and send it to you. BUT that is not where my story ends. I traveled to my Inn room, at the Inn of Elaina, and then headed back down the road towards ROTE through Zvidureth. Once I crossed into Dwarf Trade proper I was taken again. The same feeling of being plucked out of the world and flung across the Astral came upon me. This time, I can see the destination somewhat, heard battles, and had some time to prep. I immediately started to call upon Forian's blessings as I neared the destination, with most of my standard battle preps in place. Upon landing, I was in a summoning circle, and an Erinyes was standing there. She told me to prepare for battle as there enemy forces were about to break through.

It was then that I realize where I was... I was drafted into the Blood War on the Devil's side.

The battles I fought were tough. Many a time I almost fell, and had to down a few potions of Heal. I drunk a potion of Forian's Cordial, and turned into a large Dragon. I was then able to stand against some of the more powerful Demons, and as I called out to FORIAN, a large force of Slaadi came to my defense. Eventually, I was about to fall in battle, and I was prepared to end up in Limbo, again, when the magic that had brought me to the Lower Planes, and bound me there to fight broke, and I was whisked away back to Dwarf Trade. After that I ran back to Zvidureth to tell you about what happened.

As I said Before, and I say again, everything written here is true to the best of my ability. This I swear to Forian.

Now, this answers and leaves open several questions I can think of.

1. Answer - They are taking warriors and not mages because they need a martial force. 2. Question/Answer - How are they doing the summoning? My Planar Ally theory is a good foundation, but it has alignment of one's soul issues. As in How did two Evil Devils summon a chaotic Forianite Confounder, if the spell/blessing brings those of the same soul leaning as yourself? Or Warmaster Finn, as I know he is a follower of Dru'El. He would be in direct opposition to the Devils, with his soul's leanings. 3. Question - Why were they pissed because they hooked a follower of Forian? 4. Question - Where can I get a book on Infernal, so I can learn the damn language.

Merry Met,
Priest and Confounder of Forian
Manager of ROTE Ferrell Style


Thank you, this description should help a great deal.


Thank you for the thorough account AJ. I'd like to add that my experiences were identical to yours, on both accounts now. I left Zvidureth yesterday bound for Cornath when I felt the feeling of being "yanked" as it were. It was familiar, like before. Because of your account AJ, of the blood war experience, I found myself at a slight advantage. It took me moments to realize what was going on. I found myself in the ruins of some sort of town or outpost. I was completely surrounded by devil and devilkin of all sort. I immediately drew my hammer but realized none were hostile towards me. I scrambled into my armor and made what preparations I could. In the distance I could hear the rhythmic thumping of war drums growing louder. A devil turned toward me and said "For your sake mortal I hope that hammer works."

Then the devil seemed to recognize my hammer.. as it's eyes seemed to widen. Then it said that we may yet live out the day. I will say that Le'Athyed'Dru'El has seen its fair share of demon and devil hide. It was forged by Dru'El specifically to fight against Tanar'ri, Baatezu and other Outsiders. I spent the better part of a decade living throughout the Underdark fighting against hordes and armies of these creatures.

I had no idea how long I would be there. I dared not turn on the "allies" around me as they might be the only thing that keeps me alive. The war drums were terribly loud, but only second to the demonic screams and the devils that met them. The battle was fierce as both demon and devil were torn to shreds around me. Admittedly I couldn't help shouting a few commands, not that I expected anyone to understand me or follow them. But I hoped that we would live out the battle. Eventually a larger devil shouted to head towards a portal and that the position was lost. Those that could move, retreated towards the portal. I was in no hurry to stick around as the war drums now resonated from the ruins we stood in. Demons began pouring into the streets from everywhere, like a great wave of water. They clawed and fought amongst and over themselves trying to get to us.

I couldn't get through the portal fast enough as devils killed each other trying to get through first. There were too many clogging the portal as the demonic wave washed over us. As I fell, swept up in the horde, I suddenly found myself being pulled back to the forest. As I gained my bearings, I noticed no wounds and no signs of battle upon my armor or myself, except for a dull sense of being sore.


Houses, and Homes

In his many wanderings and travelings, AJ has called a lot of places home. However, it wasn't until more recently, he settled down to one place with building a House. Located in Dwarf Trade, just behind ROTE, AJ built his place. A simple one story affair with a grotto underneath it. Custom statues dressed in Confounder finery stand guard at a alter and shrine to Forian, he built and consecrated stand at the end of the hall, and in between his kitchen and den.

Prior to this house, AJ owned a home on the island nation of Nuvar, on the world Arkaz. This world is also on the Prime Material plane, and a stable planar pathway to and from Sigil links it to the rest of the Multiverse.

Is this love, that I'm feeling