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Name: Dela Jarrom (Adela Esmerelda Jarrom)
Also Known As: Dela the Seakissed, Esme Grey, & Marja Lulud
Race: Romini
Gender: Female
Age: Late 20's
Occupation: Midwife, Navigator/Cartographer, and Probably a Pirate
Class: Wizard
Familiar/Manservant: Mister Jenkins
Trust: Seeking Membership
Faith: Faithful of Blessed Mother Yeraiah
Motto: 'Nature is scary' or 'Nature is fucking scary'
Claim to Fame: SeaKissed
Birthplace: Blackwater Fenn, Seven Cities
Current Residence:


  • Jarrom's Blackwater Caravan
  • Merchant Sailor's Hall - Andarr Branch
  • Soreign Merchant Sailors Union
  • Graduate of the Navigational College of Dormiria
  • Bi'Nah Sailmakers Guild
  • Club of the Damned
  • Abbey of Her Mortal Grace (Midwife and Precentor in training)
  • Adopted Member of the Burning Roses of Jechran
  • Agate Caravan


The reckless Romin herself in all her buxom glory. From her hourglass figure to her notable, some might even say famous, ever-present, and never forgotten bustline. Regardless of her attire, there is always a small blade within reach to deal with troublemakers and gawkers; she is Romini after all. Her holy amulet isn't visible as the necklace for it vanishes from view at her cleavage and into the depths. Though she speaks in a mix of Romini, Common, and Jechrain-ease now. One thing has changed and one thing hasn't changed. She learned about style and her aim sucks. You figure out which.

Most notable are the tattoos on her. Mostly nautical and ranging from a mermaid's tail from her right shoulder to her right wrist. To an anchor above a giant sea turtle on her right hand. Along her left hand is a series of stars. There are rumors of more that are unseen in public.

In her hair is an ornate, bejeweled, and possibly very old hairpin of apple blossoms and golden wheat stalks to complete the look.

'More boobs than magic and she got a lot of magic'

Tattoos and Markings

  • Mermaid's Tail (Seakissed) - Right shoulder to her right forearm.
  • Anchor (Always find my way) - Top of her right hand
  • Sea Turtle (Defeated the Great Western Sea Turle) - Palm of her right hand
  • Series of stars (Never lost) - Top of her left hand
  • Yeraiah's Apple - Base of her neck
  • Plume Agate Design (Symbol of the Agate Caravan) - Right shoulder blade
  • Tattered Sails (First storm crossing) - Outter left thigh
  • Cannon firing/Two swords crossed (First combat at sea) - Lower left ribs
  • Two Songbirds (First time crossing from NW seas to the SW seas) - Lower back
  • An apple half wrapped in cloth (First birthing honored) - Right ribs
  • Two Ravens (First time crossing from SE seas to the NE seas) - Right thigh
  • Two Apples half wrapped in cloth (First twins birthing honored) - Right ribs below the other apple
  • Branded Rose (Adopted mark of the Burning Roses of Jechran) - Below hairline on her neck
  • A wagon wheel (Romini wagon symbolizing her rediscovered blood) - Sternum
  • A dragon's tail ('befriending her dragon') - Left shoulder to forearm
  • Balm of the Bees flower (Symbol of her wave name 'Marja Lulud') - From knee to toes on both legs
  • Charms of the gods and goddess (Romini charm bracelets) - High thigh, both thighs

Early Life

The waters swelled, bubbles crashed into me, and my memories swept into my mind. Not little at a time but like I had jumped into the baths and immersed myself in. Overwhelming and shock took overall as memories appeared, knowledge was known, and the truth revealed. Most of it is slowly making sense.

I was Dela Jarrom and on my 14th naming day, I was to be wed to some young name of the Pugh family from the tribe around Malekia to join our two. As the day approached we departed in our wagons from Andarr following the Blackwater to Crosstreams. I had never met his boy nor wish it. To say I was upset would be akin to the old saying: without wood, the fire would die. I had lots of wood, cords of it within me. Didn't help that every waking second of my life Grandmother constantly denounced Pughs as goat lovers, liars, and betrayers to our ways. After days and days of threats to tie up in the wagon. I started to come up with a plan. Soon the Blackwater Fen would be under our wheels. We stay there often and I've made friends there too. That's where I'll make my move and Rosella can marry the Pugh for all I care. All she talked about for ten months straight is she old enough and who shall it be; not to mention bragging about the price.


On the second night that we traveled through the Blackwater Finn. The order was shouted to keep going and push through the night. Rains were expected the next day and travel would be near impossible if the marshes flooded into the forest. Realized if it did flood then even if my escape was noticed my tracks would be covered up. The night was not moonless but the clouds had started rolling in and covering the silvery glow. Soon there be a narrow turn and I could jump from the wagon without the one behind us seeing me. Which I did with the grace of rock smashing into the water. Thankfully I rolled into a ditch and laid there caked in the dirt till everyone rolled past. I ran back to the spot we would have stayed at. From there to a small village. That is where I know Jenkins from. Not his real name by any means. I could even say his real name. But that's what I've called him since I met that summer, five summers ago. I was swimming in the river and he chased the boys off. From that moment, each time we camped there. He would come with the others and greet and trade but he came to see me. We spend the time together. Shared our thoughts and dreams, and wanted to explore the world together. Jenkins hide me that night, as he knew the rains would come and that would buy us time. The next morning as the was grayed out from storms, we slipped out the village into the marshes on a little raft he had and made our way to the Blackwater.

On the Blackwater, we had to pass through Crosstreams. Not good cause the tribe was passing through there too. So we started hopping barges and offering to labor on any that were going through Crosstreams without stopping. We found one barge that was going through to met the Divalok River and then up to Stalwart on the Dentry. Jenkins was a spotter and I helped with the cooking to pay our way. We had a little trouble near the docks and ended up swimming out to a passing boat named the "The Plump Fey" and they were headed to Stalwart; agreed to take us on. What a sight we were; waterlogged Romini runaway and a wet satyr who can barely tread water. The ship was a trading ship that ferried goods from the RiverFolk up the Dentry from Crosstreams to Stalwart. Jenkins aided with the cargo and I was given the task of helping the ship's mistress. Not that kind of mistress but the owner. She was making the journey to visit family. Jenkins learned of ship life and what's expected and Miss Redglide explained the nature of life to me. She was a devoted follower of Yeraiah and spoke often of inner strength without acting like a man but using my mind and ways to be free of that and independent woman. When we reached Stalwart. We departed the ship and were instantly greeted by a man with a book and quill. Who asked our names. Jenkins spoke up rather rashly I recall. "I am Jenkins, loyal servant to Miss Esme' Grey" as he motioned to me. A man wrote our names down and welcomed Miss Redglide back to Stalwart even. Later, she even paid us for our work and bought me two dresses and two corsets. I was already more developed than most adults and couldn't even see how she laced me shut. So she taught Jenkins the skills. Then parted ways as she went to met family.


We sail on many ships and performed many jobs. All the while learning the art of sailing, of the salt, and its ways. Was on the Grace of Andarr that I started paying more and more attention to the navigator and his underlings. Given that he had 2 students already, there was no room for me. I kept watching and studying what they were doing to the point the captain was so impressed by my attention to detail. That he started teaching me. By the time, my contract reached term. He presented me with letters stating I was an able-body 3rd class Navigator and a letter of his words of my worth to any sailing college or officer school if I so sought them. Wasn't till the days on the Roseriver that we learn it's not open seas and good wind. Roseriver is where I took on too many bad habits cause it was all around us. All that Miss Redglide had taught me went away for pride, drink, and carnal knowledge. I was racking up conquest like the other sailors when they hit port. I even had a system. One week at sea means one lover bought and paid for. Sometimes even sold myself to keep the party going. Dark days indeed. Think we left Roseriver cause the captain got a little too interested in me or that's what Jenkins tells me; I don't remember it that clearly. From there I took my letters and logbook to the Navigational College of Dormiria where I was accepted as a 3rd class Navigator to attend classes and studied for and passed my 2nd and 1st class test. As my work history as 3rd class fulfilled the requirements for 2nd and 1st class ranks. Then I got left in port from The Dancing Crane somewhere in Torran Shada that was very fun. It was to much fun as I recall it now cause The Dancing Crane was a good ship to serve on. It was then, I joined the Sailmaker's guild and sewed sails in the various sail lofts to support us while we looked for a new ship to get work on.

I think we caught passage to Andarr on some rat-infested ship that didn't even have her name on her and got home. Checked in at the Merchant Sailor's Hall for a ship to crew on but there was a wait and I was bottom of the list with a red mark by my name. There more of the same till Jenkins came looking for me. Finally found myself in the backroom of some brothel in a bed with more bodies than it was meant to. Shouted and scream that the ship was leaving and I had a job. Jenkins dressed me while angrily shouting about this isn't me; not who I am supposed to be and telling everyone to leave. He rushed me to the docks and up the plank but I sent him back to the brothel to retrieve my hairpins cause I never left port without them. As he vanished into the crowded pier. I motioned for the gangplank to be raised and the Captain ordered the ship to sea. Asked me if I was ready to put my merchant ship knowledge to profitable use.

Then a storm and the ship sank with all hands lost...

Ships Crewed/Nautical Occupations

  • The Dragonbone - Cook Assistant and Seamstress; Jenkins maintains paperwork of cargo hauling. Along the coast of the fallen empire
  • Soreign Merchant Sailors Union; Accepted Member
  • Deadcrusher - Seamstress and Sailmaker Mate, 3rd Class; Jenkins as a lookout. Private merchant escort ship that operated in Orcish waters.
  • The Grace - Sailmaker Mate, 1st Class and Seamstress; Jenkins as cargo master. Long haul merchant ship sailing western coast.
  • Merchant Sailor's Hall - Andarr Branch; Accepted Member
  • The Prize of Andarr - Seamstress 1st Class and Navigator 3rd class; Jenkins as cargo master. Operated everywhere.
  • Roseriver - Purser; Jenkins as a bartender. A pleasure ship that sailed along the Stalwart coast
  • Navigational College of Dormiria; Graduate w/honors in Cartography & Celestial Navigation
  • The Dancing Crane - Navigator 1st class; Jenkins as cargo master. Long haul armed merchant ship.
  • Bi'Nah Sailmakers Guild; Sailmakers Mate
  • The Black Whelp (Pirate) - Navigator; Western Sea, Lost at sea with all hands.
  • Baskerville - General Crew and Navigator (The Ordeal: Club of the Damned)
  • Scarlet Harlot - General Crew and Navigator (The Ordeal: Club of the Damned)
  • Silver Star - Navigator 1st class; Jenkins as cargo master.

The Ordeal: Club of the Damned

Ordeal (noun)
or·deal /ôrˈdēl/


  1. A painful or horrific experience, especially a protracted one.
  2. A test of guilt or innocence by the subjection of the accused to severe pain, survival of which was taken as divine proof of innocence.

Sea Kissed (sailor's slang/adjective)
see·kiss·ed /sēkis·ed/


  1. A term used by sailors to describe a sailor that was drowned at sea and saved by a mermaid and her kiss.

We had each been fished out of the water over a period of time by Captain Pink of the Baskerville and brought to Mikona. None of us had memories, we didn't know how we even ended up in the salt. Pink had dressed us we learned and each of us was found with a coral ring. Then what would be the adventure of a lifetime and the kind of shit a bard or even an entire Academy of Bards couldn't make up. Snaggletoothed woman, Fairy Overlord, Capt. Seethrough, Pink, Highfeather, the Monkey, and so many others that we worked for as we stooped and go fucking fetched for them to earn their help. Through all that, in one perfect moment. Standing on a beach, looking out of the salt. Everything hit me and I remembered everything.

Not sure they all made it in the end. I know I almost didn't. Tannar, Geoff, Punchy, and Bette did. No signs of Zily, Mol, Ted, Tabby, Manchild, or SeaSick about the clubhouse. I fear they are gone, washed away by the chaos, or just said to hell with it and started new lives. I'll pray that whichever path they found themselves on. That they are happy at least.

For me, I wandered into the chapel of Yeraiah and was greeted as Emse' Grey and welcomed as I was expected some time ago. I explained all that had occurred and was believe even. Cause Mother of All works in strange and mysterious ways. I dropped to my knees and thanked her and felt loved. Truly loved not by the moment. I've never cried as much or as hard as I did at that moment. Then I found that card was given to me days ago. Mr. Jenkins - Loyal Manservant with a note on the back stating Romini camp, outside the city gates.

The others are off remembering and picking up where they left off. I told Bette to find me if she ever needed help. We were the last two on the beach. Now, I am sitting on the back of a wagon, listening to Jenkins ramble on about his search for me as I write. He keeps bringing up plans for future voyages upon the sea. Strange land that I've even heard rumors of; Khanjar Kuro. Part of me wants to go and part of me wants to buy a wagon and travel where I can't drown... again!


The Silver Star was charted for Jechran and it sailed there without the slightest problem. Form its arrival and several years after. Dela stayed in an abbey of Mortal of her Grace which is dedicated to Yeraiah about a day's walk southeast from Myleah and within sight of the ocean. There she got control of herself and an understanding of who she is. She studied and learned first hand the duties and tasks of a midwife and in time became one of the teachers to the younger sisters in the duties and tasks of being a midwife. She became part of a group of midwives from the abbey that would travel the lands of Jechran aid speak on matters ranging from fertility all the way to the birthing process. The midwives worked in pairs and her pairing was with sister Milisarda; a local Half-Elf who discovered her calling around the same time Dela arrived at the abbey. Every spring and fall the tandem would head out as the others did and travel their routes across Jechran visiting all the tribes and checking in on matters that would require their aid when the time came. Dela and Milisarda's route took them along the coastline of Jechran from the abbey and then along the border with the Wastelands.


When the demons attacked Dre'Ana's High Temple. Dela took to teaching her sisters at the abbey combat magic as best she could. A form of magic that even she was not very confident at and the stories from the Club of Damned would back that up in spades. To even her own surprise she didn't wound or kill a single sister in teaching them. Through, it was never needed to defend the abbey or her sisters. She had found joy in teaching and helping others. As her time there lengthened, she was offered and accepted the role of assistant to Mother Gabliania with the rank of Precentor, who would lead the prayers and prepared all the rituals. In taking that role, it was expected that Dela would also clean up. Which she did. No more wild hair colors or rat nest hair. She learned to maintain her appearance and make herself presentable in various situations. To preserve her Romini ways she would dust her hair with a pink powder just to remind all (and herself) she is Romini.

She became very concerned about matters in the south when she noticed the birthrate was at zero for the month. Rumors spread and by the time they had heard from the south that Dagath had died. Babies were being born left and right. Was later they heard he had returned and is rumored she said 'No Shit' to the messenger that told them as she slung a towel covered in blood and afterbirth at the messenger. Was then she started considering a life change and heading south. She knew that Bette was trying to get color-coded by that Mage Trust to learn more. Dela was thinking that maybe she should do that herself. To better herself in the ways of Yeraiah even if it meant postponing her training as a priestess. One day while staying in Myleah as she waited for the corsetmaker to finish creating a new reinforced corset for her impressive bust and hourglass form. She made up her mind and informed the abbey that she would depart south in the coming days with their blessings. The blessings were given and Mother Gabliania even made travel arrangements for her student and friend. She carried letters of her service and letters for Samantha at the Mikona Temple; which she did not allow Mister Jenkins to care. For only the second time in her life. Dela was a passenger on a sailing ship and not crewing it.

The Ordeal: Wagons Ahoy!

(WiP Placeholder for the summary)

Ordeal (noun)
or·deal /ôrˈdēl/


  1. A painful or horrific experience, especially a protracted one.
  2. A test of guilt or innocence by the subjection of the accused to severe pain, survival of which was taken as divine proof of innocence.

Dela's Ordeal: Wagons Ahoy, is an emotive Plethora Approved adventure that is a side story to a much larger storyline and comes to life via her journal. Based mostly in Toran Sharda and in The Seven Cities around the Blackwater River and Blackwater Fenn. Given that one RL day equals three Avlis days, most posts cover two or three days of Avlis time for Dela and her loyal manservant Mister Jenkins.

Travel Map


After the events on the Roseriver, Dela and Jekinks departed for better employment. They embarked on a different kind of journey. They traveled to the port city of Dormiria. Where Dela enrolled in the Navigational College there. She presented her logbooks and letters from the captain of The Grace and from The Prize of Andarr to gain entry. Was here she truly flourish for the first time. Never having any formal education and was able to conduct on par with others enrolled that had such backgrounds. She also for a time cleaned up her bad habits of drinking too much and indulging in pleasure. Here she studied coastal navigation and open sea navigation via celestial means. Orienteering via landmarks and maps. Not to mention understanding the skies to determine the weather and understanding the clouds. How to properly chart courses and log them for records. As part of her training to become a navigator 1st class, cartography was a required skill. A skill she excelled in her final year at the college.

During is this time, Mister Jenkins worked for the Dormiria Cargo Consortium. A guild of cargo masters based out of a warehouse near the Northern Refuge, who specialized in loading heavy loads into long haul ships. This warehouse is also where Dela and Mister Jenkins resided for most of their time in the city. As they tended to avoid the Caravan District on the chance of running into relatives of Dela.

She created this map based on her own travels up to that time and from maps within the college library and from other navigators she met while studying there. This map charts the sum of her cartography work at the college and is the map she carries to this day in her map case; denoting her travels by ship, wagon, and other means.

The interior lands are copied from several atlases on campus and from stories told by adventurers in taverns or that booked passage on ships she crewed on. It is by no means as accurate as the coastal map is. Dela is rarely inland for long with the exception of her youth spent between the Blackwater and Dentry Rivers and her time in Jechran.

  • The Dancing Crane route changes its color due to the captain's death off the eastern coast of T'Nanshi. He died from natural causes and the first mate taking over command.
  • There are not charts denoting the journey of the Baskerville or the Scarlet Harlot. Due to Dela not having her sextant with her as this takes place during Dela's Ordeal: Club of the Damned.
  • The wagon is the charting course for Dela's Ordeal: Wagon's Ahoy

Full Size Map here.
(The map itself was made at https://inkarnate.com/ using the Avlis Atlas as a guide)


The Family she wasn't born to but earned

Mr. Jenkins - Her loyal friend and manservant (Age Unknown)
Georgiana Matilda (Tillie) Jarrom - Adopted Daughter (Age 10)

The Jarrom's last seen when Dela was 14:

Rye Jarrom - Father (Age 43)
Kizzy Jarrom (Wicks)- Mother (Age 38)

Adamu Jarrom - Brother (Age 20 and married to Kostana)
Brishan Jarrom - Brother (Age 17 and married to Violca)
Besnik Jarrom - Brother (age 10)
Nicu Jarrom - Brother (Age 3)

Corauni Jarrom- Sister (Age 22 and married to Tas Akehurst)
Orchili Jarrom - Sister (Age 16 and married to Patrin Beven)
Cojini Jarron - Sister (Age 12)
Vai Jarrom - Sister (Age 6)

Esmerelda Wicks - Grandmother

Though there are others both along the banks of the Blackwater Fenn and spread across the lands. Some she met and some she only heard stories of.

Mister Jenkins


One day while rolling along the trail that runs between the Blackwater River and the Blackwater Fenn. Dela meets a satyr that started following along the same trail as her wagon. As he walked along the side of the path, she started talking to him and they struck up a friendship. For the next few years, he follows the caravan when it passes through the area and spends all day and night with Dela. Telling her about the Blackwater River and the Blackwater Fenn with its fey. Protecting her boys spying on her as she bathed, playing games, and taking little trips into the Fenn with her. Upon hearing she was to wed and wanting to refuse it with all her heart. It was him that helped her escape to a new life. Where he dubbed himself Mister Jenkins, loyal manservant to Miss Esme Grey. Thus the adventures of Esme Grey and her loyal manservant began.

He has been at her side from that moment till she tricked him and shipped out without him. During that voyage, the ship sank and she became Sea Kissed. He spent many years trying to track down his friend. He searched along the coast for tales of her and the ship. When he heard it went down. He refused the believe she was gone and doubled down on this search. Up and down the western coast he went and when no new information was learned. He went to the eastern coast and searched there. By chance or luck, he heard a rumor of some lost souls, the Sea Kissed, or better known as the Club of the Damned in Mikona. He went and found out she wasn't called Esme and rumors she and the others didn't know who they were. He left his calling card at the bar they called their clubhouse and went to the Temple of Yeraiah. Whom he knew she always prayed before shipping out. They hadn't seen her but had been expecting her for some time. He told them about the rumors he had heard and they urged him to wait.

Soon enough, her ordeal completed and her memories returned. Mister Jenkins was reunited with his Esme and planning new adventures. Including getting her drunk and signing he up to crew on another ship; this one bound for Jechran. When she returned to the south, was at her side.

These days, he took to wearing a coat like his 'spirit guide' some fellow named Finn. Jenkins claims coats have the power of respect and the ability to lead others.

In all their time together. What she knows of him could only fill a scrap of paper:

  • She does not know his name in fey but knows it's not Mister Jenkins.
  • She knows he follows Mishlekh.
  • She knows he loves nymphs and hates fake nymphs.
  • She knows (won't admit) he looks after her like a father figure.
  • She knows when called up, he an outright bastard with that dagger.


Georgiana Matilda Jarrom


Georgiana Matilda Jarrom is the adopted daughter of Dela. Originally she is from the Stone Spokes Caravan but a few years before meeting Dela. Her caravan was attacked while crossing the Hammer Rift to make up for the weather keeping them in camp instead of taking the causeways. Little is known of the events as Tillie is one of the few survivors of whatever attacked their caravan; while it's believed giants, trolls, or orcs. No one is completely sure. She was discovered by a search party from the Twisted Vine Caravan led by Dela's bother-in-law and the husband of Viviana (Via) Delilah Jax. Tillie is the niece to Via and thus to Dela also. Not accepting the responsibility of looking after blood would bring shame upon Jarroms everywhere not to mention the spirits would be very upset with her.

But Via showing Dela, that she learned from the best about being selfish. Plotted with Jenkins to leave Tillie with them to teach Dela a lesson in growing up and because Tillie is a lot like Dela. Instantly, Tillie proved her worth in helping Dela from dressing to being Romini again. Not to mention, she was helping everyone in the caravan and wheeling and dealing with work-for-work trades. Not to mention as they traded with merchants waiting to cross into M'Chek at the main Eridanian River ferry. Where she wheeled and dealt like a pro. She haggled prices for fabric, questioned the freshness of fruit and greens, and even negotiated prices for needed supplies that Dela and Mister Jenkins didn't realize they needed. Everyone was so impressed they ask Dela if she was proud of Tillie for her work and what she was doing to help her. At the time same time, they were asking Tillie if she was proud of Dela for taking her in and helping her.

Seven times in a day proud

A child cares for a childless mother
Seven times in a day proud
A mother cares for a motherless child
Seven times in a day proud
A mother and child are together

And like that. The fates of the cards revealed to Via had played out just as they should have. In a Romini ritual, Tillie accepted Dela as her mother and Dela accepted Tillie not only as her daughter but her own blood. In doing so, she was renamed Georgiana Matilda Jarrom; a combination of her birth parents' name and keeping Matilda. Thus Tillie to all of the caravan and blood but Georgiana to all the outsiders we pass. Since that day, Dela and Tillie are rarely apart as they travel but once in camp and free of chores. She runs off to play with the other girls in the caravan and see the world as she knows she is safe.


Dela's Ordeal can be found in Character Journals

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