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Occupation: Deputy of the Sentinels of Visimontium
Race: Avariel
Class: Ranger/Rogue
Gender: Male
Age: 135
Birthplace: Unknown
Deity: Dra'Nar


Anderyn stands at about 5'4 with dark hair which he usually keeps in a ponytail. He is well toned and keeps himself in decent physical shape. Two great white wings protrude from his back which he keeps well groomed. He tends to wear darker colors, except when he wears his Sentinel uniform.


Anderyn is often quiet and laid back. He is well spoken, and is usually easy to talk to. When the need arises, he will gladly take the lead of a situation. However he is quite happy to let those who are better qualified to lead instead.


Much is unknown about Anderyn's youth, but he was first discovered in an orphanage by the great archeologist: Trivos Cys'Varin. He then spent thirty years traveling with Trivos as his assistant, discovering lost ruins and regaining the knowledge long forgotten. Once his mentor died, Anderyn set off on his own to make his own mark in the world.

Recent History

Anderyn has spent some time travelling all over Avlis looking for lost knowledge and information about his heritage. His orphanige was attacked and burned to the ground and he still seeks revenge on those who did this terrible deed. He has also found a home within Visimontium with the Sentinels. He currently has the rank of Deputy and can often be seen patrolling the city.

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