Keira Sophia Dane-Tochi'larian

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Name: Keira Sophia Dane-Tochi’larian
Current Residence: Stone Harbor Manor, Southwest M’Chek.


Keira is a young woman with waist length golden blonde hair, worn loose, unless the occasion is formal, then neatly pulled up. Her aquamarine eyes are expressive and bright, framed by long lashes. Her skin is pale, flawless. Her upturned nose fits her face perfectly. Her full lips, with a hint of cherry red, are more often than not, accompanied by a warm smile. She dresses in elegant attire, even in battle, rich fabrics, form fitting. She wears a gorgeous sapphire around her neck dangling on a golden chain. She has an air of nobility about her, from her fine features to her stance and demeaner. Her accent is northern, a mix of Trenish court and a Crosstreams education.

A life in Trenium

Keira was born in the Trenaine Penisula to Commander Frederick Dane, Royal Amatis Blacks Regiment, and Lady Sophia Tochi'larian, an heiress and artist of some renown. As an only child, Keira was doted upon by her expansive family in the North, a fixture at Trenish court at even a young age. As a member of the court, she spent time with tutors from all across the lands, studying art, history, languages, as well as matters of the aristocracy. As a young girl, she begged her father to also allow her train in sword fighting. Her father, who denied her nothing, allowed her train with his most trusted men.

As she grew older, her rebellious streak grew with it. She pleaded with her mother to let her attend the Academies in Crosstreams and she finally relented, either to spare herself from the constant trouble young Keira found in court in Trenium or because she knew that being educated would land a better suitor for her daughter.

A life in Crosstreams

Keira arrived in Crosstreams in her early teens to attend the prestigious Royal College of The Seven Cities and the Hawke Academy. Finally having a little freedom, Keira quickly became smitten with life outside Trenish court. She lived with her friends Lydia Cummings, the daughter of a very wealthy local merchant, and two friends from the South, Lady Kaelyn Grumbald and Constance Drake. The four girls were inseparable through all their years of university. Keira was oft times the instigator for wildness but nothing out of the ordinary for college girls.

When Keira was close to finishing school, her mother started hinting at what life she had laid out for her daughter, with suitors appearing at the university regularly. Confiding in her aunts Grace and Agatha about her wishes to see more of the world, learn a life outside of Trenium, they hatched a plan for her to move south to M'Chek for what they called a continuing education. Grace, having just moved north, gave Keira the keys to her manor house in Stone Harbor as well as the keys to two businesses she had built, Avlissian Society for Knowledge and Burnham's Event Hall. Keira's mother allowed her travel south, but only on a trial basis.

Armed with this fortunate opportunity, Keira left her friends in the north and sailed to M'Chek for a new life and new world.

A life in M’Chek

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