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Race: Kenku
Classes: Bard
Guild affiliations: None
Most active on server: Wanders around
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Stabber of Orks


History and motivation

Many years ago, when the demons were invading the surface lands and bringing bands of Kenku mercenaries with them, Eko first saw the sun. Terrified by the yawning space over his beak and the threat of having to fight some well armed, well equipped local heroes in these foreign lands, he made a plan to escape his Kenku war band, along with his friend and co-conspirator, Lraks.

The two made their escape - with the grace and skill of flat footed Kenku, leaving some of their former allies tied up, gagged, and blindfolded. Running off into the relatively unknown M'Chekian lands, and avoiding encountering any blood thirsty adventurers, the two found their way to Mikona.

Whilst there, they met a woman called Kaytza who was the high priestess in the temple of Kelvos. She took pity on the two runaways and, in exchange for some cleaning and menial duties around the temple, offered them a safe place to stay and a small income.

However, such an arrangement was not to last, as the two sought greater fortune and fame beyond the four walls of the temple. So it was that one bright spring morning, they left their home again, with not a word of farewell to the woman who had shown them such compassion.

Months passed, and months turned into years. Eko and Lraks spent much time in the forests of T'Nanshi, hiding as best they could, often moving around so as to throw anyone off their trail. They scavenged the from kills of the wild creatures of the forest, taking whatever they could through brute strength or force of personality.

It was one day when tragedy struck, and Lraks was nowhere to be found. Forced out of the usual life of scavenging the dead and decaying creatures of the forest, and into one of civilization and featherless elves, gnomes, centaurs and humans, Eko was forced to enter into the life of an adventurer!

When not singing songs of DOOM, DEATH and DESTRUCTION, he looks for his long time lost friend and co-conspirator, Lraks.

More recently he's seen to be trailing around or in the company of a Red Mage he also refers to as the mighty DOOM DRAGON!

Behaviour and appearance

Eko is a short and squat Kenku. His feathers are sleeky black with a beautiful rainbow shimmer to them if you happen to catch it at the right angle. He wears a mithril shirt, but it's usually covered up with layers of woolen and cloth rags, aiming at a simple appearance. He often struts around when noticing attention on him, but is quick to run away when confronted with danger, squawking and making all sorts of terrible screeches, whistles, trills and and squawks!

He carries a couple of spears across his back, and often cradles a simple wooden lute, crafted, by those with an eye to tell, by the Korred. The lute has clearly seen better days, and the instrument seems battered and inadequately maintained. At times, and especially when expecting danger, he wears a pair of goggles over his beak. When not wearing this helmet, his eyes are beady black orbs that watch you with signs of at least some intelligence... and perhaps, malevolence.

At times he'll stop and take paper and crayons from his packs, scribbling simple depictions of situations or notable events that he's seen in his travels.

As of the Ferrell Trade Fair of 2254, he carries around something he keeps wrapped up in cloth and feathers in a chest pocket, and occasionally may be heard to be talking to the bundle, fiercely protective of it.



You look out

You take care

Black fog is coming

So you beware

Shadow fog

Rises up on air

Them fog Shaahesk

Come outta nowhere!

Lizard strike

Lizard spear

You see shadow fog?

Don't go near!

Elves battle

Lizards die

Elves die too


Fog of DOOM

Fog of DEATH

You not go in!

Or it will get your breath!

Mages work

Magic spell

Send those foglizards

Away to hell

Shadowfog gone

Sucked away

Let elfs live

Another day


Dragon breathe!

Dragon roar!

Dragon fight!

Dragon claw!


Lizards run

Lizards hide

Lizards chopped

Lizards fried


Die die die die to DOOM DRAGON!



Die die die to DOOM DRAGON

DOOM DRAGON end of you!


Out there in the gloom!

Someone comes to seal your doom!

He chops with his wicked scythe!

No one ever leave alive!



He brings your doom!

hm hm hm.

You will die!

hm hm hm.

Away you go to your grave!



hm hm hm.

Red eyes sees your soul!

He slices off your head!

Away to the pits of hell!

You'll be dead!

hm hm hm.