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At a Glance

Edge with his Usual Battle Gear

Age: 42 Years

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Occupation: Cleric,Paladin

Religion: Follower of Gorethar

Birthplace: Arvanos

Residence: The Village of Blandenberg

Affiliations: Ordained in the Order of Gorethar

Cleric in Residence in Mikona
Quartermaster of the Order of Gorethar
Paymaster of the Avlis Arms And Armour Association
Expert Carpenter A.C.E.
Journeyman AKN
Owner of Edge's Rarity Store

The Particulars

Description: Since he completed his Trials of Ordainment, his appearance has changed slightly. His hair has become greyish, which gives him a look a bit older than he actually is. Always proud of his looks, Edge’s clothing, armours, and shields always look as if they were brand new. Taking extremely care of everything he owns, he shine his armour and kits daily, this way, his equipment always look shiniest and brightest in a crowd.

Always trying to get the best look, Edge often uses dyes on his equipment to find the better match. He often change his gear as well to be unique in his style and will not be satisfied with a “normal” look.

Personality: Edge is frank, he will make sure that if there is someone who stepped on his foot, or did something wrong he will know, right on the spot. Naturally impatient he doesn't like to wait hours and hours at the same place. There is always a work in progress somewhere or an order to complete.

Friends & Relations

Hard worker, and present within the Guilds he is member, Edge have a lots of contacts. But because of his Natural cold hearted personality, not so many friends.

  • Shard: Edge have found in Shard the patience he doesn't have. Beeing really hurts when Shard choosed to leave Gorethar for a woman. They are not often seen running, mapping, and laughing together anymore. But he is still a good friend
  • Cinder Fireblaze: Young Paladin of the OoG, his love for weapons, and crafting techniques impressed Edge. Edge Offered him to work with him at his new shop in Mikona. He gain the trust and managed to get in the small friends circle of Edge, now working as flamboyant tailor of E.R.S.
  • Aspen Stormcat: Aspen is the closest woman in Edge's trusting circle and pretty much the only woman in his life. They are often seen together in exercise trainings or smiting evil and make the lights of Gorethar shine.
  • Trenton Renil: When you talk about friendship! Trenton is the one to make Edge laugh. From playing tags in the Elysia outskirt or erradicate undeads in a crypt, both always liked to play tricks together to others.

Others importants friends in Edge Circle of friends, Carek Smith, Willian Patson, his old sponsor in the Order Vastan Thenald.