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Race: Human
Gender: Male
Origin: M'Chek
Age: Mid-late twenties
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Dra'Nar
Current Residence: Conwy's Sanctuary, within the territory of the same name in western M'Chek

The small orphanage of Conwy's Sanctuary, Church of Dra'Nar


Aniero is a taller than average but slight and unremarkable young man, almost exclusively found in travel-worn holy robes of Dra'Nar and displaying a pristine holy symbol of same, or less often simple commoner's garb. Though slow to complain, he's clearly not used hardships more severe than the brisk walking required for his holy duties and travel.

Though he lacks the vocabulary or elocution of Father Sholto or most formally trained clergy he fosters an attentive manner, resonant voice and careful enunciation. He sometimes slips into more a more shrill register and typical rural diction when upset or surprised, though is at great pains to regain control quickly.


Conwy's Sanctuary is a small orphanage on the outskirts of the only town in the holdings of Lord Conwy, in the mid west of M'Chek (touching the Southeast of Holliat and northeast of Southill). It's currently overseen by the elderly Father Sholto of Dra'nar, having been funded sparsely but adequately to service the relatively few orphans of the region by the Conwy family since early in the T'Nanshi-M'Chek war. The majority of Sholto's wards can clearly trace their histories to the region, typically having been orphaned by accident or disease. Aniero is no exception, having lost his last blood relative (an Aunt) early to an unfortunate but simple accident with a plough.

Being particularly taken with Father Sholto's contented but purposeful demeanor (not to mention a little less enthusiasm for physical labour than his peers), Aniero stayed on long past the age when most of Sholto's wards move on, gaining a solid foundation in Dra'Nar's philosophy and the practical running of the shelter.

By now it is clear to all of Conwy that Aniero is to replace Sholto when he can no longer carry on as the primary guardian of the Sanctuary. In recent years though, the aging but still vital Sholto has been insistent that Aniero spend a majority of his time away from the shelter. When asked about this, Sholto simply says his protege has more to learn before he is ready.

If Sholto has elaborated any further on the lessons to be learned it has remained a private matter between the two, and Aniero has indeed spent the lion's share of the last few years away, taking time to help in orphanages and shelters run by Dra'Nar's church across M'Chek and sometimes even as far as T'Nanshi or Elysia.

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