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Heronimous Fox was born 42 years ago on the flanks of the northern Deglos mountains near the little town of Greena. Fox was the second child of four, preceded by his elder sister Isobel, younger brother Argel and the youngest sister Sherin. Fox’s family lived in a small hamlet higher and more easterly than Greena, his father managing a swathe of forest for the local lord providing for the family with income from timber and furs. Part of this forest was inhabited by a small band of ghost elves, with whom fox would often meet when he was a boy and was always kindly treated by them.

Greena nestles on the western end of the pass between Deglos and Galdos hill on the southern range of hills. To its west is Servator and further up in the hills is one of the gates into Deglos itself. A road runs from the gates, passing through Greena on its way to kurathene. Founded after the great war Greena protects some 400 souls and with the populace in the 5 nearby villages and farms provide wood and minerals westwards. The population is a mix of human, dwarf, gnome, some fey and a small population of Ghost elf. Town industry comes from trade sitting on the route between Deglos and southern Kurathene, being 2 days wagon travel from the gates to the dwarf underground city.

At sixteen the area around Greena was attacked by Drotid slavers. The hamlet where Fox lived was ravaged with several killed, Fox’s father was injured and his eldest sister taken with many others. The slavers were pursued but escaped. Fox never heard of his sister again. Two years later hearing of some slaves being rescued in eastern Deglos, Fox travelled through Deglos to Nanshi Urbaz where the rescued slaves were being cared for. His sister was not one of them. Knowing his brother would be helping his father he set off south looking for further news and by caravan and chance ended up in Mikona. For a while he lived in Mikona and lured by the excitement of adventuring lost his path to finding more out about his sister. He was involved for a while with bands of adventurers defending Mikona from attack from bandits and fought many battles with Tor Varson on the Hills of Tumult. Often both of them racing naked back to their possessions having been sent back by their gods. Fox was a peripheral figure in the capture of Costas La Black and at this time he first met Green Raven. A mystical figure who regularly appeared around Mikona taunting the humans there.

Fox also helped set up the AAAA at this time and with Tanmar and Peregrine is one of the few founding members still in the guild. Fox remembers with pride later having to mine his ore in T’nanshi west of Deglos and carry it to Elysia to smelt. Eventually Gorethar took pity on tradesmen and had his clerics install a forge at Zvidureth.

Travelling north some weeks later he ventured into the war zone and was attacked by M’Chek troops. Returning to recover his belongings he was set upon again and taunted. Having been sent to his god a second time Fox returned in stealth to find all his belongings gone. He carried on his journey further north seeking reasons for the war and suffered persecution from some elves, but also received hospitality. He had explained the elven version of the war and went south again.

Again he was attacked by M’Chek troops, and called a traitor and killed. Returning to his possessions he saw another traveller being attacked and helped him fight off the M’Chek troops. This half Orc proved to be a member of the elven army, after retiring north and camping Fox heard further tales of the war from him. Having decided from what he had heard that the Elves were innocent in this and the war had been started deliberately by someone other than the elves wanting the war, and indignant about being assaulted three times by M’Chek troops, he threw in his lot with the elven army.

After joining the Army Fox met with other members of the T’Nanshi army and for the second time met its figurehead. Green Raven. Over the coming months Fox, Green Raven, Badznik Le Sonic, Vroshgrak, Xal Mor, Arknsteroid and others fought many engagements with the M’Chek, the body count being high on both sides. There were often battles with other grey elements using the war to their advantage. At one stage the battle was going the T’Nanshi way so well that raids were reaching Mikona itself.

There were several notable campaigns, and during a prolonged series of offensive campaigns, an assault against Mikons Equalisers in their keep brought the wrath of Mikon fully against them and down on the M’Chek side. After this and another diplomatic incident involving four of his comrades the T’Nanshi military were ordered on a permanent defensive stance and banned from entering Mikona.

Offensive actions were now curtailed but other dangers appeared. From the past, found and reactivated by *name crossed out* a mage, the Behemoth started to trouble all T’Nanshi. Its range centred around Bachwood, but anything living was its target. The Behemoth was a construct from the Great War, responsible directly for the great explosion that ended it. Made around the human Langinus it swung the war the alliance way at the end. When reactivated it went berserk during the day looking for his love D’Lenn. It was only at night her ghostly form was seen. Day and Night. Man and Elf. Always seeking each other, never finding. Many were killed by it, orders to destroy it were disobeyed and many others tried to control the Behemoth. Chief culprits were Zrith the Titanian fey, Valoks minions and others. Eventually Fox with Quicksilver, Raven, Begnar, Emrys, Mari Briggs, Polio and many others uncovered the whole plot of Titania, and in the end that of Valok, the rite of making and hence the way to unmake the Behemoth. D’Lenn and Langinus could now eventually find each other and peace. Their remains lie close to where the construct was made. Fox carries Langinus’ Axe to this day.

During this quest Fox and Green Raven fell in love, though she made him chase hard. Eventually they were married by Cha’reth in front of a few close friends.

It was at this time that the T’nanshi army decided they needed to be formed into a distinct section. Fox helped form this, the Winter Leaves or Lonovanen Hire’fya with Raven and developed the command structure that helped defend T’nanshi from M’Chek. They designed and built the headquarters and their own house in NE T’Nanshi.

During the next 10 years he helped defend T’Nanshi from the Gentleman, the Ebony order and its Demon Ezebrius, the Reavers of Maleki, Drotids entry into the war, Titanias attempted revenge on O’Ma and other actions. This took its toll on Green Raven, who shouldered more of the burden, the elves still not quite trusting the human interloper. Green Raven drifted away from the unit command more and more which was taken over by Quicksilver and the Trethlawn brothers. Fox was directly involved in the final actions of the war and setting strategy with Quicksilver culminating with the plan for the destruction of the Maleki army amongst others. Much of the later burdens of the war were bourn by Quicksilver, the Trethlawns and others.

After the war life quietened down baring certain actions against Maleki and the Ebony order as they made failed incursion into T’Nanshi. Eighteen months ago Fox was peripherally involved in the battles against the Demon Queen and the defence of T’nanshi against her raids. Whilst helping guard the Wrath of Dru’el in its journey to confront the demon queen Fox was captured whilst alone he tried to delay a pursuing undead army and vanished for a year.

Fox recently returned to T’Nanshi.