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General Information


Player: A Wanderer

Character Name: Ungolarim Bera'alir

Gender: Male

Class: Cleric

Diety: Kimonictinus

Primary Server: Underdark




The story of Ungolarim Bera'alir starts with the death of his father, Aragrim Bera'alir in one of the final battles of the war between T'Nanshi and M'Chek.

His father was on a deep recon mission behind the line of what later would be known as Blandenberg, when his cell was uncovered by a batallion of M'Chek soldiers. The fight was fierce, and many M'Chek soldiers were killed when one of Aragrim's brethren stumbled into a small group of soldiers that had somehow been split from the marching battalion. Aragrim and his team quickly tried to quell the seperated men, but two of them finally made it back to the battalion before Aragrim and his brothers could kill them.

With the entire battalion now aware of them, a battle erupted. Archers, soldiers, and mages tried to kill Aragrim and his troop, but were suffering heavy casualties. The Sereg of the war were of a different breed than those currently in the Underdark, and it was no different this day. Aragrim and the others tore into the battalion with a rage unusual of elves the men were used to.

Blood and wailing was everywhere as the battle raged. One by one the sereg fell. Luckily, one sereg managed to escape from the mages now closing in on the last few of them still standing. This lone sereg made it back to base operations to report what had happened that night.

Ungolarim was at the base, training just like his father had many years before. He was in the middle of an excersise when the news came in about his father's cell. It crushed Ungolarim. He had so much respect for his father, and all of his desires centered around becoming a great warrior someday to follow in his footsteps.

After his father died, Ungolarim was a shell of his former self. He trained harder than ever with his strong hatred of humans fueling his every waking moment. He couldn't wait to get to the war, and seek vengence on those who killed his only family. Sure he had a mother, but like all sereg women, she was merely a breeding machine and nothing else. Ungolarim was alone.

Not many months after his father's death, the war between M'Chek and T'Nanshi was halted, before Ungolarim could graduate and enter the war. This infuriated Ungolarim, and he was almost killed by his own kind due to his rage and lack of self dicipline. He finally got his anger under control just about the time his people descended into the Underdark.

Ungolarim was instantly interested in the Demon-King of the Underdark, Kimonictinus, and his promises of returning to the Overlight to wage war on the surface dwellers. Ungolarim wanted nothing else than this, and so he joined the church of Kimonictinus.

He studied under the clerics of Kimonictinus, who were all native to the Underdark. Even though they distrusted the newly arived Sereg, they welcomed Ungolarim's hatred of the surface dwellers. For many, many years he studied, prayed, and gave to Kimonictinus, until finally he was released from his studies in Ka-Kimon from where he returned to Verloghokbol, where his brethren lived, to spread the word of Kimonictinus and his plans for war.

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