PCs: Bross Cale

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Cale Bross

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Residence: M'Chek

Affiliations and Titles:

Cale Bross bears the marks of someone who has found out things the hard way, growing up in the less fashionable parts of Mikona. Physically he is of average height and medium build, and his only distinguishing characteristic is a scar running down his left cheek. Living by the knife, in every possible meaning of the saying, he prefers to stick to doing what he's good at - scouting - and leave it for others to call the shots. A man of few words, on the rare occasion he actually offers his opinion on anything, it's well considered and thought out. For Cale it's not about the glory, it's all about getting the job done quickly and quietly, getting the gold and getting the hell out.