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Born and raised in the Wilderness of T'Nanshi Celithril was out hunting with his cousin Zak'nae when human raiders came and posioned his homeship's water supply. Upon returning from the succesful hunt they were confronted with the reality of the entire town having been slaughtered. After a time spent wandering through the forests in a daze, always hiding from fear of the human raiders, or any of the other natural predators they both headed South to join forces with the Lonovanen in an attempt to stop the fate that befell them occurring to other innocents.

As the war ended Celithril spent many a day chasing Samwir around limbo in a grand plan designed by the Master of Chaos. Sent slightly odd by this time chasing the gnome he was rewarded with the Masters own robes despite his failure to return the fountain to the Lonovanen.

Post war Celithril has continued his service in Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi and slowly risen in the ranks. Helping defend the nation against threats including the Mistress and aiding slightly in the construction of the fort defending Drotid Pass he has managed to fill his time post war effectively. Now a Warmaster he tries to balance patrolling the Spiritland with overseeing new recruits and working on his pet crafting projects.

A slight ghost elf Celithril has jet black hair which he wears pulled back into a pony tail. He is rarely found without a bow either in his hands, or across his back. Enjoying the solitary life he has devoted countless hours into furthering his crafting skills, to the point where he is a carpenter of some small distinction.