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Work and Groups

ADAM expedition · Grimnich
Mining Song · 2nd Scaled Gauntlet
Crumpin' crew · Kaegan's fall
Crumpette · 3rd Scaled Gauntlet
Creating Mithril Armor · FEAT Crump
Dwergen Combat · Sentinel Helms
Visimontium Migration · Drannuhl
Will of Dagath · Battle fer Westshore
Rift Closure Helms · Trip ta Galdos

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Dwarven Defender
Deglos Brigade


Bheem in his casual tunic Name: Bheem

Race: Dwarf

Age: 127

Residence: Mikona, M'Chek

Most often visits: Ferrell, Deglos and Visimontium

Public Affiliations:

Deity: Fegall

Class: Fighter/Dwarven Defender

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Work and Groups

Avlis Arms and Armor Association:

Armor creation tips from the Master

Bheem is the Master Armorer at the AAAA. He has also served as Lorewarden and Assistant Quartermaster at different periods of time. Bheem was the first PC to create Mithril armor on Avlis and has personally overlooked the creation of helms for the Sentinels of Visimontium and the weapons and uniforms used in the popular Scaled Gauntlets which are tests of martial prowess. The Keepers of the Cycle requested him to forge the base blade for "The Will of Dagath" which helped destroy the undead abomination, Bia'taron. He has also worked extensively to help new recruits and promote the guild's presence at many of the popular Ferrell Trade Fairs. Currently, he has stepped back from guild administration and is taking time to pursue other interests.

Deglos Brigade:

A long time member of the previously named Dwarf Brigade, Bheem has watched many members come and go. It is here that he pursues his development of the defensive art of Dwarven combat and mentors other Dwergen in its techniques. His skills have been called upon in the long lasting feud with the vampire Drannuhl who has marked the Brigade as an arch-nemesis. He has co-ordinated extensively with the Ashen Order, Blue Order, Order of the Dragon and Councillor Rego of the High Guild Council of Deglos. Many good times have been shared with his fellow stonekin with hearty drinking sessions followed by patrols aimed at trimming the numbers of dangerous creatures roaming the caverns of Deglos.

Keepers of the Cycle:

The old timers: Krys, Morain, Harien, Mara; Bheem, Shen, Greg, Alphonse
Bheem was originally recruited into this undead research and eradication group by Shen Ko, a monk of Dagath. Forming part of the core group around which the Keepers grew, Bheem kept his affiliation with them silent in the initial stages. As the Keepers grew in number and began to be accepted by others who were initially sceptical about their professionalism, they were asked to help out in various undead disturbances including putting to rest Bia'taron the fiend of Westshoe, cleansing the Dwarven Quarter in Mikona of its undead infestation, working on the problem of the Dragon Twins, and sealing the Se'Fassu rift in Ferrell.

Sentinels of Visimontium:

Initially known as Leo's Mercenaries under the leadership of Leopold Phefefhur, the group was hired by Melonius Mennallin founder of the city state of Visimontium to supervise the migration of the initial 60,000 migrants from the southern lands of M'chek to the new city of Andrinor. The migration was a success with the help of many people from different orders including the M'Chekian Army, Le'Nofaythen'T'Nanshi, AAAA, AKN, Ashen Order, Blue Order, Deglos Brigade, EDGE, Ebony Order, FEAT, Green Order, Healers of Chareth, Ivory Order and the Council of Balance. The Sentinels were later appointed as Visimontium's standing army and local law enforcement agency.


Page 1 25th October 2004 ADAM expedition; Elysia Spider Caves

Page 2 Grimnich Ovherzode

Page 3 10th November 2004 Mining Song; West Warrens, Nanshi Urbaz

Pages 4-7 15th November 2004 The Second Scaled Gauntlet; Temple of The'ton, Mikona

Page 8 The Crumpin' Crew

Page 9 5th December 2004 The Fall of Kaegan Clovenhelm

Page 10 10th December 2004 An axe fer a name?

Pages 11-12 21st December 2004 The Third Scaled Gauntlet; Burnham's Hall, Mikona

Page 13 Creatin’ the first suit of Mithril Armor

Pages 14-19 4th Feb 2005 Crumpin' with FEAT; Salt caves, Ferrell

Pages 20-22 2nd April 2005 Essay: Dwergen Defensive Combat; ATU, Mikona

Page 23 3rd June 2005 Sentinel Helms; AAAA, Fulchair Hall, Dwarftrade

Pages 24-26 27th June - 2nd July 2004 Visimontium Migration; Mikona, Le'Or T'nanshi, Elysia, Deglos, Visimontium

Pages 27-30 October 2004 - July 2005 Drannuhl the Vampire Lord, Deglos

Page 31 11th July 2005 The Will of Dagath creation; Westshore

Pages 32-35 17th July 2005 The Battle fer Westshore; M'chek

Page 36 20th July 2005 Helms fer the Rift of Closure; AAAA, Twostep Hall, Mikona

Page 37 25th July 2005 Trip ta Galdos

Character comments

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