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Valeria Cavalieri, daughter of Vittorio Cavalieri, followed a musical education in her father's music school in Medec. Bright-eyed and eager to see the world, she set out for the south, first arriving in Elysia, soon traveling even further toward Mikona. In Mikona she worked for Janur da Medican in the Canvas as entertainer and brewer of many interesting spirits, in exchange for a wage and a room to live.

Unfortunately, the Canvas was closed by the government and Valeria not only lost her job but her living quarters as well. She moved to the Hang Brains Inn in the slums, not being able to afford anything better. Misfortune struck again when the innkeeper rented out her room to someone else and she lost all her things except for the clothes on her back. Angrily, she confronted the innkeeper, who could offer nothing but a small sum of gold to recompense her.

Fed up with everything, Valeria decided to head back north and bought a ticket to Kuras. There she spent some time singing in taverns, living quietly, and writing poetry until she got restless again... once more she ventured south, to Mikona, to see if anything was left of her past existence there. After a brief vacation, she decided there was indeed not much left for her there.

Back in Kuras, by chance, she stumbled into Janur, her old employer. She spoke with him, and he convinced her to go back to her birthland, Medec, and serve it as the Herald of Medec, Captain of the Medec Army, and 1st Attaché of the Diplomatic Corps. She works as Aide to Ambassador Jert of Clearwater, and seems to flourish in the busy life at the Medec court. She is also the writer of Medec's national anthem, Medec the Fair.

The Assassin I
The Assassin II
To the Mystery II

Medec the Fair