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Merago was born in Ferrel, his father, a tailor by trade, sent Merago to Elysia for supplies a month or so ago. Merago found the city wildly exciting, completely different from his "same-old same-old" life in Ferrel. When Merago returned with his father's supplies, he found he could not drag his mind away from what he saw. He realised that there was a whole world of new experiences waiting for him beyond the placidity of Ferrel. Merago resolved to leave home and see more of the world, so he bade farewell to his family and set off; Elysia seemed as good a place as any to start his wanderings. While Merago was crossing the countryside towards Elysia, he came upon a scene of total carnage; a merchant caravan had been ambushed by trolls, one of the great beasts still picking through the debris. The creature spotted Merago and charged, roaring in tongues. Merago fled into a nearby forest and hid in the shadows until the troll gave up and returned to the wreckage. Merago stayed out of site, hidden in the shadows for the remainder of the journey, and was glad he did. He saw more loathsome creatures on his way; trolls, ogres, many other creatures he knew of not and even the walking dead were all roaming around the countryside outside of Elysia. When he arrived in Elysia, he saw it in a new light. It became clear to him that the city guards had to work hard to keep these beasts out of the city's limits. It seemed to Merago that the only creatures to benefit from the ongoing war were the creatures of evil. Merago felt compelled to help, but he was never the hardiest soul in combat. If ever the need arose for what little skills he had he would not hesitate.

As time went on, Merago found his wanderlust kicking in again. So, he made his way south, where he came to Mikona. The big city quickly began to feel like home to Merago, and so he settled there.

-Merago is a cheery little soul who finds humour in most situations, he enjoys making mischief, practical jokes and loves nothing more than baiting those in authority, though he's smart enough to know not to go too far.