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Name: Garret de'Karne

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Job: Aedile of the Imperial Order, Centurion in the Sword of Toran, Justicar of Toran

Residence: The City of Kuras

The youngest son of Justicar Trent de'Karne, Garret was blessed with the skills of the soldier early in life. Sent to several military schools throughout his youth, he trained with all manner of weapons and learned the valuable use of tactics. Later in his life, he learned the tenets of Toran under his father's tutelage.

Garret found his path in life within the city of Kuras. He has dedicated his life to the city that has given him so much. After a Malekite invasion was halted at the gates of the city, Garret pledged his blade to the Imperial Order. He dreams of the day that the Empire is once again reunited under a single banner, but desires for a peaceful way for it to happen. He understands that war is inevitable, and sometimes necessary, but feels no compassion for those who thrive for it. He holds the Law close and his Duties to the Empire closer.

No longer a young man, he does not act rashly as he once did. He is slow to anger, and shows discipline fitting a Justicar of Toran. He hopes to one day be something the people look upon with hope in the coming dark times. A man of character, of honor.