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Purpose: This is the Regular Component of the M'Chek Army, not to be confused with the Elite Blackhawk Company.

Alignment: Any. However, lawful alignments will tend to be better suited to military discipline, and non-good alignments are better suited to solving problems through military violence.

Base of operations: The Nation of M'Chek.

How to contact us: Contact any of the senior staff (see below).

What we do: We conduct missions of importance to the Nation of M'Chek.

What to expect: Aside from kicking ass for M'Chek, expect a lot of military discipline, regular guild meetings and outings, and working to defend M'Chek and its citizens. We are not law enforcement, though we do aid the M'Chekian Guards when necessary.

Miscellany: M'Chekian citizenship is a must, as is a clean criminal record (you can't be wanted for crimes in other nations). Your character will be expected to spend a majority of their time in M'Chek. That's not to say they can't travel, but characters who only come to M'Chek to take part in DM-run army events aren't what the guild is about.

Command Staff, M'Chek Army

War Commissioner

Commanding Officer, Special Operations Division

Commanding Officer, Blackhawk Battalion

  • Colonel-Commissar Whelm Brittain ((NPC))

Executive Officer, Blackhawk Battalion


  • Sergeant Rickus va'Alor
    • Copper Eagle Medal
  • Corporal William Bastion
    • Copper Eagle Medal
  • Private Liam Dald
  • Private Lestek Rakov
  • Recruit Yuri Bross
  • Recruit Kedar
  • Recruit Kate Benneset
  • Recruit Horeck
  • Recruit Kassha Firehart

DM Sponsors

  • Micah
  • DanishPastry
  • Rhissaerk

Ranks and Promotions

Soldier Recruit (Private). They are considered army members, but are not permitted access to the Blackhawk files until they have attained veteran status.

Soldier (Veteran). The general makeup of most squads is this. They have access to files, but not command authority.

Corporal (Veteran). This is the soldier rank for logistics, Intel, and artillery. Intel specialists are granted access to intel files.

Sergeant. This is squad leader command. PC’s with this rank command 1 squad of NPCs in their platoon. Rank can be field promoted by any lieutenant or above based on need. No approval necessary.

Sergeant Major. A sergeant who has distinguished themselves in both loyalty and skill, but is otherwise unfit for broad tactical command. Can be placed in charge of a platoon or elite squad. Brevet rank is given by a company commander (typically 1st lieutenant or captain), and ultimately approved by Blackhawk commander.

Command Sergeant. Exceptionally distinguished sergeant (one in the entire Blackhawks) who is given authority to procure and manage personnel and supply lines. Also serves on the command staff to the Blackhawks commander. Still does not have broad tactical command, but may lead a platoon or elite squad. Rank is given by Blackhawk commander.

Lieutenant, 2nd. Platoon commanders. PCs who have this rank have a platoon of NPCs and/or PCs under their command. They can deploy as directed by the leadership, but are in charge of and responsible for the field operation of their troops. Brevet Rank can be given based on need by Captain and above, but final approval must be made by Blackhawk leader or higher rank.

Lieutenant, 1st. As 2nd Lieutenant, but distinguished and authorized to have company level authority. Brevent Rank can be given by Blackhawk commander or higher rank, and ultimate approval and promotion is given by Blackhawk commander or higher.

Captain. Further distinguished from 1st Lieutenant. Authorized to have company level authority and command staff. Brevent Rank can be granted by Major and above when needed, but ultimate approval must be made by General or War Commissioner.

Major. Top leadership of the Blackhawks. Can command the entire battalion, elite platoons and companies, and serve on the command squad. Generally no more than 2 at any time. Can only be granted by a general or the war commissioner.

Lt. Colonel. The Second Highest Rank granted, and is in charge of the Blackhawks (can only be one at a time), and is for those majors who distinguish themselves in large operations. Can only be granted by the War Commissioner after recommendation by a general.

Colonel. The Highest Rank granted that is solely in charge of the Blackhawks. Rarely awarded, and only given to the most respected Lt. Colonels by the War Commissioner.