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Rolan Fyne.jpg
Rolan Fyne
Race: Human
Classes: Rogue Ranger Assassin
Guild affiliations:
M'Chekian Army, Privateer Enterprises
Most active on server: Mikona
Played By: Chasnor
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Rolan appears to have once been an attractive man, but age and battle has taken a toll. He he is in his early forties but is remarkably agile. A face and body peppered with scars don't quite seem to match his quick wit and sharp mind. What he now lacks in looks, he more than makes up for in attitude. Maybe he is as stunning as he says...


Major- Blackhawk Company, M'Chekian Army, Midshipman-Merchant Vessel Clandestine


Copper Boot Medal, M'Chek Victory Medal-Pyrite Dragon Clasp, Copper Eagle Medal (1st Medal of Honor), Silver Unicorn Medal (2nd Medal of Honor), Gold Lion Medal (Highest Medal of Honor)


Early Years

Rolan was born in Elysia and grew up on the streets after the death of his parents. He joined the crew of a merchant vessel as a young man and sailed for a few years as a deck hand. When he was in his early twenties he returned to Elysia to try and settle down. Finding Elysia entering the war with M'Chek he enlisted in the Elysia Auxilary Volunteers. Late in the war Rolan was severely injured and left the service. Over the next few years he wandered, spliting his time between Mikona and Ferrell. It was during this time that Rolan joined FEAT. He had many grand adventures with them, though never took part in any of their truly epic battles.


After some time, Rolan decided to settle in Mikona. Finding the city to his liking, he sought out employment. Captain Friday Alibar of Privateer Enterprises saw something in him and offered him a sales position. With his life firmly rooted in Mikona, he eventually joined the elite Blackhawk Company, M'Chekian Army . After many brutal battles he was promoted to Sergeant in the army. He continued to serve in the army and work for Privateer Enterprises for some time. He disappeared abruptly for a short time, but has since quietly returned to his life in Mikona. No one really seems to know the cause of his absence, but he seems quite different since his return. He was promoted again recently to the rank of Sergeant Major. Within recent days Rolan joined the Order of Valok as an Adherent looking to further his personal goals.

Deciding to look for greater opportunity elsewhere in the Army, Rolan took a demotion to Drill Sergeant to move to Combat Operations. After tireless effort training the soldiers of the department, Rolan was returned to the rank of Sergeant Major and made head of Combat Operations for the Blackhawks. Following many hard fought battles Rolan and many other soldiers of the Blackhawks retired. Rolan was awarded M'Chek's highest Medal of Honor, the Gold Lion.

Following another period of general life at ease, Rolan was again called to serve M'Chek. A flight of pyrite dragons had risen to attack the nation; bringing death and destruction in their wake. After the dragons destroyed Equaloria Keep, the Blackhawks were reformed. By order of the War Commissioner and General Kahn, Rolan was promoted to the rank of Captain and made second in command of the Blackhawks. At this point he was awarded the M'Chek Victory Medal with the Pyrite Dragon clasp. Yet another of his personal goals had been achieved, he had risen to the officer ranks.

Retirement and Married Life

After many years of service to M'Chek, Rolan decided that a number of things in his life had changed. He was granted a retirement from the Blackhawks. He left the Order of Valok. He was often seen in Elysia associating with Aspen Stormcat, High Paladin of the Order of Gorethar. There are rumors that he left behind more than the Blackhawks and Valok, some say he has spoken openly of a much darker past than most suspected. After a long courtship they were married in Ferrell in a Gorethite ceremony attended by their closest friends.

Rolan and Aspen were quite happy and took up residence in Elysia with Rolan traveling to Mikona often on business. Quite unexpectedly Aspen departed one day, possibly for Deglos. With little information beyond this, Rolan set out after her once she had been gone a number of weeks. Roaming the unfamiliar tunnels and causeways of the Dwarven nation he sought her relentlessly.

Return to Service

After months of searching, Rolan realized that his cause was hopeless. With a heavy heart he returned to Mikona, only to find M'Chek in a state of war. Feeling the need for something to occupy his now empty time and a longing to protect M'Chek, Rolan once again put on the uniform of a Blackhawk. He was reinstated at the rank of Major and resumed his position as second in command.

As the war with Drotid heated up, Rolan was chosen to command the Blackhawk Command Company and be the Executive Officer of the Battalion. He continued to display outstanding leadership and displayed a willingness to work with other organizations to further M'Chek's cause. Rolan was captured by Drotid forces during a special operations patrol.

Members of the Blackhawks, along with Regulars and Iron Fist, were given intelligence that Rolan was being transported to Drotid. They attempted a valiant rescue, but arrived too late. Rolan was found dead, along with a number of his captors. He had resisted to the end and taken a few of the shaahesk with him. The troops attempted to resurrect him but his soul did not answer the call. A note was found with his body.

If anyone finds this note, then I'll be dead, and resting peacefully with Aspen. May M'Chek be victorious in the end, and cast the lizards back to the sea.

Rolan Fyne, Major, M'Chekian Army

Back to life

After almost exactly a year had passed, a rather disheveled and confused Rolan showed up one day at Finmeagan Keep. Soon finding that he had been gone much longer than he had thought, he sought to figure out what had happened in his absence....