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Friday Alibar
Human Female

Friday was an orphan raised by a benefactor of mysterious origin. She was only allowed to refer to him as Sir, My Benefactor and on the rare affectionate occasion uncle. She was taught by a series of tutors brought in to specifically teach her alone. She had a very diverse education ranging from business management to metamagic arts. Whenever her benefactor is mentioned she goes quite or changes the subject.

She does not believe she is a typical rogue and definitely not a thief. She refers to herself as a 'Privateer Extraordinaire'. She does not always have a price because she does not see herself as evil and will either not take the job or tender her resignation if asked to perform as such. She has a tendency to watch out for people who are innocent or cannot defend themselves. She does not have a great amount of respect for governments or law because it is not equally just for rich and poor alike. She follows a deeper set of rules and believes that one must do the best one can in any given situation even if it is considered wrong by the law. She does not try to go against the law but sometimes her sense of right and wrong do not coincide with the letter of law. She is quick in freindship and slow to forgive. She has a tendancy to hold a grudge and occassionally takes justice into her own hands.

Her only real goals is to be successful at what she does, help the little people (little does not only imply halflings or children), and to do what she thinks is right.