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Systems and Tools

Making Your Own Portrait

Making a Custom Portrait contains instructions for creating your own custom portrait, should you feel daring. And don't despair! We also give you a method to override the portrait for characters that you have already created and may have been playing for years.

Avlis Portraits Download

CoPaP Portraits (Arkaz mirror) -- Contains most or all of what was in the previous links.

Other Portrait Collections

The Ultimate NWN Portrait Pack

Avlis Portraits

Avlis Portraits
Custom Portrait Base File Name Character name Forum name
Krator Blackfist Krator
Drusiler FurrorNos
Aerill Ailpera Aerill
Aspen Tissa
Sunder Thro'Kwatt Bolo
Sand kombinat
Whisper ARCmage
Findail Silaureth Buddha
Zatiel Tylin Melindha
Argine Reya Argine
Millana Aravinnya Aerill
Joristan Ashald DrFrog711
Aobeth Amakiir slave_of_emotions

Avlis Inhabitants

Avlis Inhabitants
Character name Forum name Gender Race Portrait
Aerill Ailpera Aerill Female Human femrhairmagii_
Argine Reya Argine Female Half-Nymph po_hu_f_IWD_16_
Aspen Tissa Female Half-Dryad hdryad_aspen_
Millana Aravinnya Aerill Female Human po_hu_f_NWN_02_
Whisper ARCmage Female Elf po_he_f_PH_04_
Zatiel Tylin Melindha Female Elf po_hu_f_IWD_03
Aobeth Amakiir slave_of_emotions Male Aasimar po_soehn_
Drusiler FurrorNos Male Drangonari drang_joren_
Findail Silaureth Buddha Male Half-Nymph po_hn_m_Findail_
Joristan Ashald DrFrog711 Male Human po_hu_m_IWD_21_
Krator Blackfist Krator Male Human bb041_
Sand kombinat Male Elf M_Ma002
Sunder Thro'Kwatt Bolo Male Half-Orc u0uro017