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(Campaign or Mission Specific Medals)
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'''Medal of Mikona's Valor'''
'''Medal of Mikona's Valor'''
'''Medal of Pride'''
'''Hel’Byssia Campaign Medal '''
'''Hel’Byssia Campaign Medal '''
'''Tharul'Zhannadar’s Fang Talisman'''
'''Tharul'Zhannadar’s Fang Talisman'''

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Medals of Valour

  • Golden Lion Medal – The highest Medal of Honour. It’s given to those soldiers who have proven themselves above and beyond the call of duty. The Highest of the Highs.

  • Silver Unicorn Medal – The Silver Unicorn Medal is the second highest Medal of Honour. Its given to those soldiers who have proven themselves above and beyond the call to duty.

  • Copper Eagle Medal – The Copper Eagle Medal is the 3rd, or lowest class Medal of Honour. Its given to those soldiers who have proven themselves above and beyond the call of duty.

  • Medal of Valor - This medal is awarded to M’Chekian armed forces personnel for displaying outstanding valor and bravery in the line of duty.

Victory Medals

  • Victory Medal – Pyrite Dragon Clasp – Awarded to members of the M’Chekian military for victory in major battles or campaigns. On the obverse is the figure of Mikon in a robe, left arm extended, his fingers pinching a loop from which are suspended a set of scales showing great balance. On the reverse are the words “For M’Chek” in a single line. The medal is circular, of lacquered copper, all images and engraving are in mithril. This medal has a small copper clasp on the suspending ribbon that reads “Pyrite Dragons”, denoting the campaign it was awarded for. This medal takes precedence above the Copper Boot and below the Copper Eagle.

  • Victory Medallion - Awarded to those brave men and women who gave their best in military service to M'Chek during the War against Drotid.

*Note that typically separate clasps are attached to Victory Medal indicating which conflict the recipient participated in.

Campaign or Mission Specific Medals

  • Copper Boot Medal – In the period after the War with T’Nanshi, M’Chek lacked the resources to cast fine medals. The Copper Boot dates from that time and is a crude lump of copper with a small stone in the shape of a boot set in the center. The Copper Boot medal was given to veterans of M’Chek’s campaign in the Underdark.

  • Medal of the Eastern Seas - M’Chekian Army Medal of Distinction: Given for valor over the course of the Battle against the Drotid Fleet on the Eastern Seas.

  • Derrington’s Medal – Given to members of the M'Chekian armed forces who helped do away with raiders that attacked Lord Derrington's Keep. The medal is a blue six sided star with a gold center piece of Derrington's Seal.

  • Serpent's Tail Medal - This medal is made of iron in the shape of a hawk taking flight, inlaid with turquoise. This medal was commissioned to honor those Blackhawks who took part in the destruction of a major source of iron supply of the occupying Drotid forces, as well as smashing the alliance between the Shaahesk and the Bugbears in the Warrens of M'Chek.

  • Medal Of Distinction - This medal of distinction was given to members of the Blackhawks after successfully smashing the shaahesk in the region known as the Bandit Hills.Engraved on the back are two simple words. "For M'Chek"

  • Medal of Mikona's Valor - Given out to the fine Blackhawk soldiers that protected Mikona against the army of the spirit-kin Raven.

  • Medal of Pride - This medal was rewarded to all soldiers who fought in the undead uprising which followed the anger outburst of the spirit kin known as Pride.

  • Hel’Byssia Campaign Medal - Awarded to the Blackhawks for their participation and bravery displayed during the actions against forces within the Hel’Byssia peninsula.

  • Tharul'Zhannadar’s Fang Talisman - Taken from the great wyrm Tharul'Zhannadar himself, this fang still bears some of the magical energy of the great dragon. Measuring about 20 inches in length, these dragon fangs have had their razor edge dulled to serve as a talisman. These were made to identify individuals in the armed forces who took part in ending the threat posed by Tharul'Zhannadar and his pyrite hordes.

Peacetime Medals and Honors

  • M'Chekian Army Medal of Distinguished Service - Awarded to those soldiers displaying a sincere commitment to excellence, unselfish dedication, creativity in solutions, and leadership. Their work has been clearly displayed on the battlefield and in planning over an extended period of time.

  • M'Chekian Army Medal of Meritorious Service - Awarded to those soldiers displaying exceptional commitment, dedication, problem solving and a personal initiative. Their work is of note both in the planning and execution of operations for a lengthy period of time.

  • M'Chekian Army Good Conduct Medal - Awarded to those soldiers who have performed their duties to merit. Personnel awarded this medal must have displayed excellent character and efficiency with their efforts noted in reports over a period of time.

  • M'Chekian Army Letter of Commendation - This is awarded to soldiers of M’Chek for the exceptional demonstration of a talent or skill while serving the Union. The action exemplifies an act of exceptional ability in testing circumstances. The specific context will be noted.

  • M'Chekian Army Achievement Medal - This medal is awarded to soldiers of M’Chek for outstanding achievement through the demonstration of a talent or skill in action over a period of time. The specific talent or skill will be noted.

Subsequent Awards

In the event an individual earns an addition award of the same type, a pip system has been introduced and will be used in conjunction with all medals available to armed forces personnel. A pip is a means to signify that an officer or soldier has earned multiple awards of the same medal. For the M'Chekian Army, a small nine sided gold star will indicate subsequent awards, and is attached to the ribbon portion of the medal. A gold star represents one additional award, while a silver star is worn in lieu of five gold stars.

Order of Precedence

The medals worn by members of the M'Chekian Army are done so in the following order:

Golden Lion Medal

M'Chekian Army Medal of Distinguished Service

Silver Unicorn Medal

Copper Eagle Medal

Medal of Valor

M'Chekian Army Medal of Meritorious Service

M'Chek Army Good Conduct Medal

M'Chek Army Achievement Medal

Victory Medal with a Pyrite Dragon Clasp

Victory Medallion

Copper Boot Medal

Medal of the Eastern Seas

Derrington’s Medal

Serpent's Tail Medal

Medal Of Distinction

Medal of Mikona's Valor

Medal of Pride

Hel’Byssia Campaign Medal

Tharul'Zhannadar’s Fang Talisman