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Recent Events in Mikona and M'Chek

This page will attempt to summarize the basics of various events that have taken place in Mikona and M'Chek since the servers came online.

In editing this, please try to keep it in rough chronological order, and to keep it factual. And remember, just as on the boards, all information here can be taken as known in character, so don't post anything that you don't want known as common knowledge.

These are organized by timeline below. You can also view them organized by plotline.



  • (01/12/06) The M'Chekian army begins recruitment again. - M'Chek begins a project of farming portions of the underdark. The M'Chekian army announces it will be recruiting for the first time since the war's end in order to aid this project.





  • (12/15/02) Alladorn taken into custody - Alladorn Echindar is captured and held for an impending trial for treason against M'Chek.
  • (12/13/02) Cuxn taken into custody - Cuxn Starfire's bounty is collected by Peregryne Twostep. Cuxn is held for an impending trial for treason against M'Chek.
  • (12/04/02) Alladorn and Cuxn wanted for Treason - A bounty of 200,000 gold is placed for the capture or deaths of Alladorn Echindar and Cuxn Starfire, for treason against M'Chek.
  • (12/02/02) Sorvanok attacks Mikona - The Lich Sorvanok launchs what is to be the first of many assaults on Mikona in retaliation for adventurers raiding his lair.
  • (09/??/02) A bandit leader by the name of Hugar begins wreaking havok in M'Chek.


Since translating real life dates to Avlis dates is notoriously strange, I've prefaced each event with the approximate RL date it occured, or was posted about. This will help keep this somewhat in chronological order.

Missing info

  • Brownie Plot?
  • More on Vortex plot--resolution.
  • Fireplane event resolution (NoIC writeupavaible afaik) poke Zonr/Tamia to do it