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Late-War: Post-Plague Phase

  • (06/05/05) The war between M'Chek and T'Nanshi finally ends and the Blandenberg Protectorate is formed. The Protectorate combines the Blandenberg Settlement and many of the lands formerly known as "the warzone" into a neutral entity controlled by the Churches of Mikon and Dru'El.
  • (05/26/05) The Blandenberg Settlementis officially estalished as a neutral entity in the war.
  • (05/11/04) A joint coalition is able to discover a cure for the plague. Those involved include Moira Windspar, Corporal Tivn Dimbzig and Frigate Captain Ayren Milen. The losses, however, have still been terrible. Estimates are that as many as 1 in 6 M'Chekians are dead from this plague.
  • (04/29/05) A dreaded plague that has been thus far confined to Elysia spreads to M'Chek. The M'Chekian army declares that one of T'Nanshi's officers (a "Trethlawn Brother") is responsible for this deed. The plague, now no longer containd by Elysia's walls, quickly spreads to T'Nanshi as well. Military operations on both sides all but cease as thousands die.

Mid-War: Elysia's Entry through the Battle of Blandenberg

Early-War: The Fairy Gardens Incident to Elysia's Entry