Ode to a Goblin Chiefy

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By Frannie Mouze

Three on three said the goblin chiefy
Ugly not goblins against us,
A contest, he said of archery!

Goblins must hit close up with axes mostly
The only one that could aim with no fuss
Was the goblin chiefy!

You! Not goblins! Round one you were lucky
Lets wager a bet, ten thousand gold, we’ll win I trust
But alas, even with four – goblin aim is just sucky

Four on four now the ugly not goblins arrows flew truly
We won the bet, and boy did Chiefy fuss
He threw down his helm, he stomped, he was bitchy

I’ve never seen him quite so bouncy
He threw down the gold in a huff
Next time we’ll practice, on not being jerky.