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Epiktetus (Epik)

Race: Human Class: Cleric Alignment: Neutral Good

Epiktetus' parents were constantly moving and a bit secretive, even with him. Therefore he does not know completely of his origins except that some of his first memories include staying in an upscale inn in Elysia. That is one of the reasons that he now resides there and calls O'ma's city his own.

He came to become a Cleric of O'ma later in life. Being in his 50s, his youth was behind him and he knew that his wild life had caused more harm than good. To this day he continues to try to heal the pain that he caused the world in his youth by focusing on the healing arts.

Epik has just recently discovered that he has an adult son from one of his past indiscresions, Lorio. With his new focus on helping and healing, he is trying to teach Lorio the ways of O'ma.