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This article is written for introductory purposes, complemental to the Avlis Player Guide. Please review the Economy and Experience System articles to gain a better understanding of how GP and XP flows in Avlis - in your direction.

Example 1

Briery wakes up in his inn room at the Elysia farmlands. He is still new to this side of Lake Eridanus but has already been able to make some coin by lending a hand to farmers, selling raw produce to the Champions Castle kitchen and stables. He owes much gratitude to the likes of Mr. Fanos up the Trades district and Ms. Eth at the Market, as well.

He's found himself dabbling into what his cousins call "adventuring" because Mr. Mario at the Champions Keep rooftop is offering crazy good coin for most of any magical creature part or the rare flower. Even better, the Champions Castle artisans are always looking to collect weapons and armor that they haven't seen before.

Briery has been meaning to drop by the Warehouse Junk Processing unit to see what the fuss is all about but something always comes up -- or, more precisely, someone. Usually it's that Half-Dryad, Half-Elf friend he made in the T'Nanshi forest, who's eager to get any meat, elemental essence and other yuck stuff off his hands and into Survivalism kits.

He has to admit, the kits come handy for a right-sized lad as prone to scrapes as himself. It almost makes him regret selling his grandmother's ring to Igmiroth the jeweler, back when he first came to Elysia. Let's face it, that friend looks like a keeper.

Example 2

In the Underdark, evil never sleeps -- not when it can make money. Lu the Smelly has had it with shoveling Deep Rothe dung and hauling cargo at the Verloghokbol lake docks. She's still got a sore spot on her ego after attempting to gather coin for the local pimps. Most of the working girls & boys would laugh her right off; she knows she's less intimidating than most Giant-Kin.

Time to go out and do what she's good at, which is depriving her fellow Underdark denizens from their heads and belongings. Perhaps, this time she'll be lucky to get goods decent enough to bring to collectors. It's one excuse to spend quality time gawking at Ululin at the Deep Hole, or Eleni at the Market, as they appraise what she's brought. Those females got style.

Once Lu tried selling some weapons to the Recycler but they only gave her tokens, and as she soon found out, the token store is mostly in the business of crafting supplies. Lu is no crafter and she does not hang with that crowd. Alas, her latest dungeon crawl only brought her lots of junk so she dumped it at the junk processor for raw coin.

She's been wondering what to do with the growing pouch of gems on her belt, though. Perhaps it's time to find a mage.

Example 3

The weather is always awful in Mikona, or always great, depending on how you look at it. From Ro's vantage point, it's all the same if you're underground.

Ro and the gang have spent most of the summer in the sewers or around the caves near the city. They have prevailed in fights with Lycans, fled from giant spiders, retrieved gold and equipment off the bodies of less fortunate adventurers. At first light, they sell the goods around the Marketplace -- a pair of good boots to the cobbler, armor to the armor maker, every specialist artisan at the Marketplace knows their faces.

The same can be said for the folks at the Recycling depot. The gang has learned the supply system well enough to make tokens and sell them to crafters. Some of the goods meant for the Junk Processor require a small investment to process but if you know the right people (in this case, also crafters) you can make serious coin from processed junk. Xertho can keep his beetle juice.

Lately, Ro has been thinking about splitting ways with the gang. Just because some crafter says they need skeleton knuckles for fertilizer, doesn't mean you have to break into a crypt. Ro's never had to draw a line before and yet, here we are.

After some wandering around the Alleys, Ro has picked up a craft in its own right -- that of traps. More importantly, the local trap crafting supplier also works as a fence. Less coin than the Marketplace, sure, but also no questions as to the origin of the goods. The gang had previously sold a few items to the Ravens fences but getting involved with them means you owe them dues... and you don't see them when they're coming.

For now, Ro has committed to staying aboveground.