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The Age of Rebirth

2250 A.O.D. to Present

With the end of the wars in southern Negaria and the the beginning of the Fourth Imperium Age to the north, the current age has been one of relative peace and restoration. Cities have been rebuilt and alliances have been strengthened. It has been a time of expansion, not just of civilization but also of religion, such as the church of Keros from Tyedu to the south and the birth of Zhitaril, the goddess of undeath and daughter of Maleki, and the expansion of Angadar's portfolio to include psionics.

But it has not been without peril. 2259 saw the return of The Gentleman, who was finally defeated by a coalition of adventurers. His destruction resulted in the ascension of Ti'si'faan, lesser goddess of the sun. Two years later southern Negaria became entangled in a millennia-long undersea conflict among tritons, sahuagin and sea elves. The undersea races sought five relics of foreign deities hidden on land, and flooded parts of M'Chek and T'Nanshi in order to get to them. Adventurers recovered the relics; three were returned to their respective deities and two were handed over to the tritons, and M'Chek initiated a trade agreement with the triton nation of Jerid Lacuna.

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