The Fairy War

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200 P.O.D. to 100 P.O.D.

The First Fairy War began slowly. The creation of these new fairies by Titania went largely unnoticed by O'Ma for a long time. However, for the fairies themselves this was not the case. Neither fairy race was informed of the other's existence, and they were both created in two different geographical areas, so it was a big shock to them when they would meet up with individuals belonging to the other race. Titanian fairies where shocked to find a male nymph or sylph flying around. By the same token, the male fairies were equally puzzled by the existence of females whom they could not interbreed with. Even the carefree sprites of O'Ma were a little befuddled when they met up with the neutral sprite races of Titania. Gradually, each race became resentful of the other, but, being the benevolent beings they were, they had no reason to do anything about it...until one thing started occurring frequently. Some of O'Ma's larger fairy races had the ability to interbreed with humans, elves, and other humanoids, which they often did. The resulting offspring were half human or elf, etc. with many fairy qualities. The very existence of half-nymphs, half-dryads, half-sylphs, etc. was a bane to Titania. So, stepping out of line for the good of her race, she ordered her fairies to purge Avlis of the "tainted" fairies. And so, they mounted assaults (as best they could anyway).

The Great Fairy War, as it is often called, was an almost comical but very dangerous conflict. The whole planet was enraptured in illusion and sorcery. In some places, the half-fairy races would quickly gain the upper hand over Titania's fairies because of their versatility, only to be charmed and used against O'Ma in other places. In yet some other places, brutal forest battles would take place between the woodland creatures friendly to the fairies of each side. The outcome of some of these battles would only leave a trail of animal carnage behind. Even under the sea, battles raged between the nixies and water sprites of Titania and O'Ma.

The main leaders of this war where the high priests of their respective gods. The priests on both sides would hire adventurers to help fight this war and organize the fairies on each side. Consequently, armies of fairies and adventurers would clash in fields, in forests and in oceans. The priests themselves would pitch huge battles of magic with the help of mages that they hired from the surrounding lands.

Even O'Ma and Titania were fighting in the planes above in order to stop the other from giving aid to their priests. They fought so brutally and fiendishly, that blood flowed from them freely and mixed on the ground. The mixing of their blood brought about some very confused races of centaurs, and satyrs, among other things through the mischievous tinkering done by the foreign gods Pan and Skerrit, who then retreated off into the planes laughing between themselves.

The war raged on like this for one hundred years. In the meantime, almost every forest on the planet was wrecked. The orcs grew tired of watching this and decided to capitalize on this war by trying to wipe out both fairy races. And so the war expanded as the orcs easily mounted up their forces and attacked with menace.

Major Events of this Era

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