The Great War

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100 P.O.D. to 0 P.O.D.

The Great War immediately followed the Fairy War. Taking heavy losses on both sides, and deciding that it was better to fight evil than to have good fight itself, the fairy races grudgingly signed a truce that stated that as long as there was evil on Avlis, they would postpone their war. They then agreed to join forces against the orcs. However, the damage done from the Fairy War was too great and the fairies were seriously handicapped in their efforts. Because of this and the fact that they had help from the baatezu conjured by their mages, the orcs remained on top of the battle. Thousands of fairies of both gods perished at the hands of the well-organized and intelligent orcs.

Not liking this one bit, the elves and the dwarves decided to join the fairies in order to destroy the orcs once and for all. However, they felt that they did not have enough power between all three races to totally annihilate the orcs, so they decided to call on one more entity... His Most Splendid Majesty, the Platinum Dragon. This creature was a powerful entity that settled on Avlis some time past, and he had a small cult of dwarves and elves on Avlis, which caused him to be elevated to demigod status. Disliking orcs more than anything else, he was more than willing to help. His aid was given in the form of summoning hordes of metallic dragons to aid the three good races. These were the first dragons to appear on Avlis aside from the Platinum Dragon himself. They were met with much fear and awe by all sides, and they quickly begun to obliterate all orcs and devils in sight.

This action was enjoyed by everyone except the evil races and one more... Mikon. There was no way that the god of True Balance was going to stand by and let a key component of the Balance be destroyed. Mikon did not like the fact that there was the full brunt of the three good races plus the dragons teaming up against one race, the orcs, even if they were using devils to aid them. It was bad enough that every single orc on the continent was chased from the east coast all the way to the west coast by the good-aligned races. So, just before the orcs were about to be driven into the sea, and eradicated once and for all, Mikon created evil dragons from the stones found on Avlis. And so the Granite Dragons, Coal Dragons, and others were created [Note: the dragon races exist on Avlis to this day. The good dragons are all metallic, and the evil dragons are known as stone dragons. Chromatic dragons (red, blue, white, etc.) are extremely rare on Avlis, as they are all immigrants from other planes.]

The Great War was immediately brought to a standstill and a constant din of fighting erupted all around the world. Although they had lost much by now, and they only had one area of land left under their control, the orcs were able to hold their own for a while. However, even the orcs themselves knew that they could not last forever in their newfound territory of Brekon even with the help of the dragons sent by Mikon. The orc mages had what they thought was a solution. All the while, they had been conjuring baatezu and working on a final end to the conflict. Their covert efforts were directed towards researching an invocation energy spell of great power to wipe out all the good races in one shot. When the spell was completed, it was unleashed. However, it didn't exactly work like it should have. A small group of adventurers sacrificed themselves causing the spell to backfire on the orcs, which wound up killing hundreds of thousands of them, including all of the orc mages. In addition to their losses, tens of thousands of dwarves, elves, fairies (and even humans, lizard men, and changelings who were not involved) were also killed. As quickly as the fighting deadlocked, it ceased. Both sides withdrew to regroup. But it never resumed, because the dragons of evil and good agreed among themselves that they would keep each other at bay. And so, the Great War ended.

Major Events of this Era

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