The Age of Immortals

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1 A.O.D. to 1000 A.O.D.

With peace being preserved by the dragons, all of the races enjoyed a thousand years to recuperate and better themselves. During this time, magic flourished among all of the races except for the orcs, who would hunt down and kill any mages arising among themselves. Many orders of magic were created, each with their own specialties.

Heroes as well as mages walked Avlis. Occasionally, a Hero who was favored by a god of some alignment would be granted immortality and allowed to continue to roam Avlis. Immortality was not godhood, but it was almost as good as being a demigod. Immortals would frequently befriend their benefactor, and on more than one occasion, children were born of this union. Usually, the children were gods themselves, although not as powerful as their greater god father, and not as weak as their immortal or demigod mother. Some of these children went on to father races of their own. The most widely known case of this is the union between Mikon and the jungle-dwelling heroine Aryeh Gidol. Their son, Balgar, was born a lesser god, who with the help of his father Mikon, created the race known as the Wemic. There were a few more affairs of this sort between the nine great warriors and plane-traveling Heroes and Immortals in what is also called the Age of Complete Peace.

The biggest difference between Immortals and gods was that Immortals did not have any worshipers unless they chose to go out and get them. In rare instances, an Immortal would be elevated to demigod status here and there. Between Immortals and mortals were two main differences. Firstly, Immortals could not die of old age or disease, however they could be killed like any other mortal. This however, proved an extremely tough feat for anyone who tried. The second difference between mortals and Immortals was that Immortals who were also mages had access to an extra set of spells that only the gods had access to originally. Consequently, many "God Magics", as they were called, were being cast among the Immortals on Avlis. Although, the magics were powerful, they were never really misused in any way that would spark a large war. Small skirmishes were common in some years, but for the most part, there was peace like Avlis had never before seen.

Overall, there was a proliferation of all things... people, gods, races, magic. A general feeling of prosperity ruled over the world.

Major Events of this Era

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