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Suggested RP Guide for Psionic Telepathy

So Psionics is in. It has Telepathy. (No, not talking to each other mentally or reading people's minds) Unlike other powers/feats/spells, EVERY power in this school of thought basically has some sort of RP repercussion. Think of it like Charm Person, but an entire spell school associated to it. Not all of them are obvious with their effects, based on their name, and non-Psions don't normally have access to their descriptions. So, simple solution is a little rundown of every power, and what, exactly, it would MOST LIKELY do to your head, if it were successfully used on your PC.

An important thing to remember (this is as per Dark Sun rules) is that a target WILL remember what happened while under the effects of Telepathy, unless you specifically took measures to prevent them from remembering. (i.e. making them forget) They won't necessarily know WHY they acted as they did, and may even try to rationalize it as some subconscious desire they did, in fact have, simply to avoid the reality of their mind being overwhelmed. Another Psion, should he/she be on the losing end of Psychic combat, would quite clearly know why they behaved as they did, and probably wouldn't be too happy, but that depends on the circumstances, of course.

The last thing to remember is that the mind is like a computer in Avlis/CoPaP. It has an Input/Output port. Thing is, Psionic Telepathy ONLY affects the Input port. So you can feel free to put things into someone's head, or reach in there and muck about. But you CANNOT go in there, and come back out with something. It's a One Way street, and therefore there is no knowledge or information being removed from someone's mind. You CAN make them more susceptible to suggestion, and make them more likely to spill said information, but you cannot in any way really forcibly extract information. This is a simple security measure to prevent metagaming abuse.