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Psychoportation (tabular overview) powers influence time and space, allowing the psion, and others, to travel using the power of the mind alone. A psion who specializes in this discipline is known as a nomad.


Power Score: Int -1
Cost: 20
Discipline: Psychoportation
Range: Short
Area of Effect: 1 Object
Duration: 1 Round + 1 Round/2 Levels
Save: Reflex Negates, Will Breaks (see text)
Save DC: 12 + 1/2 Psion Level + INT Modifier
Prerequisites: Dimension Door
Required For: None

  • With this power, the psionicist tries to teleports a creature against its will to a pocket dimension and holds it there. The target creature gets a reflex save to avoid the effects entirely; if it fails the reflex save, it is teleported to a pocket dimension. After one round, the banished creature makes a will saving throw each round to determine if it returns from banishment. The creature does this until it passes the save, or until the duration expires.
  • Friendly creatures: a targeted member of the psion's party is 'banished' for the entire duration if it's an NPC, or indefinitely if it's a PC; such targets can be returned to their original locations by the psion using this power while within the pocket dimension, the duration ending or searching for another means of exit.
  • The pocket dimension is a featureless area with a benign environment.
  • Entering a pocket dimension creates an instability - a planar tear. The location of any tear is effectively random, but a PC trapped in the pocket dimension can use it as an exit - if they can find it.

Dimension Door

Power Score: Con -1
Cost: 6 (6/round)
Discipline: Psychoportation
Range: Long
Area of Effect: Personal
Duration: Instantaneous
Save: None
Prerequisites: None
Required For: Banishment, Summon Planar Creature, Summon Planar Energy

  • With dimension door, the psionicist temporarily bends spatial dimensions to allow him to move from one location to another nearly instantaneously.
  • The Psion is also able to hold open the gate, as long as he has the power to do so, allowing others to use it. This is a constant drain on his reserves as long as the gate is open.

Summon Planar Creature

Power Score: Int -4
Cost: 15
Discipline: Psychoportation
Range: Short
Area of Effect: 1 Creature
Duration: 1 Minute/Level
Save: None
Prerequisites: Dimension Door
Required For: None

  • This power allows the psionicist to reach into another plane, grab whatever he happens to find there, and teleport it to his own plane. The summoned creature is, therefore, unpredictable. However, the power of the summoned creature is influenced by the psion's level.
  • The psion can choose to reach into either good, neutral or evil-aligned planes, and grab a creature of corresponding alignment (preference set via the [Avlis Command Prompt])
  • If the creature is intelligent, the psionicist might persuade, intimidate, or bluff it into providing assistance. However, the creature may fly into a murderous rage when it discovers its plight.
  • Once a creature has been summoned any subsequent manifestation of this power will not bring a second creature, rather it will immediately remove the existing one (no saving throw).

Summon Planar Energy

Power Score: Int
Cost: 16
Discipline: Psychoportation
Range: Medium
Area of Effect: Varies
Duration: Varies
Save: Variest
Save DC: 12 + 1/2 Psion Level + INT Modifier
Prerequisites: Dimension Door
Required For: None
A character with this ability can summon energy from the inner planes and use it to attack his enemies. Some planes are more useful than others for this purpose.

  • Fire opens a portal to the elemental plane of fire itself, scorching everything within 12 feet for 1d8 - 6d8 points of damage (reflex save for half; d8 damage per odd level - 1, 3, 5, etc.).
  • Negative energy inflicts 1d12 - 5d12 points of damage on a single target (fortitude save for half; 2d12 @ 3rd, 3d12 @ 6th, 4d12 @ 11th, 5d12 @ 15th) that then must make a fortitude save or also be drained of 1 level (or 2 levels if psion is level 11+). 'Damage' has a healing effect on undead.
  • Positive energy inflicts 1d12 - 5d12 points of damage to a single target (fortitude save for half, same progression as "Negative"). If it is used against undead, they take double damage without a save.
  • Salt creates a 10-foot radius area of utter dehydration. It inflicts 2d4 - 8d4 points of acid damage (reflex save for half; 4d4 @ 5th, 6d4 @ 10th, 8d4 @ 15th) on all creatures within, who must also make a fortitude save or lose 1-4 points of strength (1 @ 1st, 2 @ 5th, 3 @ 10th, 4 @ 15th). Strength drain is temporary, lasting 5 round plus 1 per psion level.
  • Water fills the lungs of one target with water. They begin to drown and will die within 4 rounds if they fail a fortitude saving throw at the beginning of each round. Constructs, Undead, Oozes & Elementals are immune to drowning, but take 1 point of damage per psion level from the impact of water from the elemental plane.

Time Shift

Power Score: Int
Cost: 16
Discipline: Psychoportation
Range: 0
Area of Effect: Personal
Duration: 3 Rounds
Save: None
Prerequisites: None
Required For: Stasis Field

  • Time shifting allows the psionicist to travel up to three rounds into the future and observe things until time catches up with him. From an outside perspective he ceases to exist for up to three rounds at which point he suddenly reappears.
  • The psionicist is unable to do anything except move during this period. Movement occurs via a dialogue through which the player may issue movement instructions. You may use the escape key to exit Time Shift before the duration ends.
  • Upon returning to normal time, the psionicist receives +4 AB for 1 round as a result of this tactical advantage.