A Trip to the Orc Caves

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By Willem Lightheart

While I was walking by
I stopped at the gate to say hi
And then was invited to go
To a new place I did not know
And it just turned out to be
An interesting adventure for me

To the Orc Caves in Ferrell we went
And by the end of the trip I was spent
It really is a dangerous place
And I would not have made it if not for the grace
Of those who took me along
Just so I could sing them a song

I should have known it was going to be bad
When some chickens made me a petrified lad
Not once but twice that day
I was turned to stone along the way
Then the traps that were in there
The fireballs they threw singed my hair

I must admit it was a race
To get out of that terrible place
And before we got to the end
I found myself again and again
Being pulled from the fight
And walking towards a very bright light