A Vampire’s Fire in the Night

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By Willem Lightheart

To smite the evil that lies within
To the Forest of Midnight a party went in
Deep into the very darkest parts
To strike and to pierce some vampire’s hearts
And to face whatever evil might come their way
And hopefully turn the dark night into day

A finer group you never will meet
Suddenly we found many traps at our feet
Then a female vampire running all around
And tossing fire grenades all over the ground
Then as we would get her right in our sight
She would simply disappear into the night

Now I really wanted to get out of there
As the fire would surround us it singed my hair
So the group started to run out but then
The vampire would follow and strike us again
So we had to fight until she was no more
And finally exited through the forest gate door

Now I don’t know, but have often heard said
That vampires are never really quite dead
So do be careful when you explore that place
Always make sure you pray for your god’s grace
And if a clink and a clank on the ground you should hear
You had better just run to save your rear