After Midnight

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After Midnight

Sleepless in a rainstorm,

With doubts instead of dreams,

With pain and loss, and memories,

Of what we used to be.

Of all the words I left unsaid,

And plans I never made,

Of chances that I never took,

And love that slipped away.

Hopeless after midnight,

With nothing but my fears,

And no-one left to hear my cries,

Or wipe away my tears.

And though I hope tomorrow's skies,

Might take a fairer hue,

Tonight I'm bound to lonliness,

There's nothing I can do.

In the morning I may wake up,

And face you with a smile,

And we might talk and laugh and joke;

Forget this for a while,

But then the stars will show themselves,

The sun begin to wane,

And troubles find my troubled head,

As night falls once again.

~ Renard de'Tyrens ~