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Academy of Bardic Arts
Poetry Night

Featuring Poems of

So You Read a Book

You just assume I am stupid cause I talk funny
Don't know the reason or rhyme
I hear the whispers and know those that eat it up like honey
You rather tear someone down, You will get yours in due time.

So mistake my ways and pat yourself on the back
Cause your good at what do you, which is nothing
Don't mistake yourself, while I get knocked down I don't crack
You can chatter about this and that to stand on my sighing.

One thing you will never read in a book
I give no fucks!
So spill your words to the schnooks
My fucks give no fucks!

Sure someone proud that you read a book!


Dreams that are nothing but others designs
Others design my memories
Not even a fucking sign
But ever so cleverly

Walking on a stage of others design
Play a role, that I found no notes for.
Not even a fucking sign
But another whore

The path before me, the maze others design
darkness covers the steps before
Not even a fucking sign
But listen to me implore

Life before that has no design
stumble and fall for others enjoyment
Not even a fucking sign
But I have my moments

Find a dream and shatter by design
flee to the home that I didn't know was
Not even a fucking sign
But I did have a pause

Discover the solace but so much more by the design
love, fluttering hearts to wings
Not even a fucking sign
But I allowed be blood to be unstringed

Falling in love and falling towards self by design
Pull the string and find a memory
Not even a fucking sign
But I was the treachery

Standing on own feet, seeing what has come without design
Just wondering if they proud
Not even a fucking sign
But I can't push the dark cloud...