An Uncommon Soul

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By Willem Lightheart

Standing tall to protect her land
Striving for balance by her hand
Walking the land day by day
Helping the needy along her way
She is a mighty, mighty fine soul
Going through life fulfilling her roll

One who helps the economy by trade
Selling some of the items she made
Serving as Chair of Twostep Hall
That is right outside the city wall
A potion to drink or something to wear
And her prices to me always seem fair

Striving to protect those in need
Here is a warning that criminals should heed
Be weary in Mikona of houses to rob
For she just might be out doing her job
Watching for thieves at every turn
Ready to teach them a lesson to learn

To the Common House she has been elected
By her peers and countrymen she was selected
Such a noble cause she has chosen in delight
To help lead M’Chek to a brand new height
And if by now you know not of her fame
Dame Moira Celyn Windspar that be her name