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How to chat in Avlis?

Please refer to the Chat Code of Conduct.


Visit avlis.org for current Discord Join links (top left of portal page).

Avlis currently operates the Avlis Team Discord server

The Chat with the Team server is where you can communicate with the team. It is Discord only, so does not have a connection to IRC.

Members of the Avlis community operate the Avlis Community Chat Discord server

The Avlis Community Chat server is where you can visit with other Avlisians. An IRC bot maintains live communication between IRC (irc.gamers-irc.org:6668) and the Discord server.

Post an event on Discord

We've added an event system to the Team Avlis Discord channel. You can post events and Apollo will automatically notify your attendees 15 minutes prior to an event. Your attendees can also add the event to their google calendar.

How to use it:
1. Go to Chat with the Team (official Avlis channel).
2. Type the message: /event (and post it).
3. Apollo (bot) will send you a private message on Discord taking you through the process.
4. When it asks Where would you like to post this event? make sure to post to #announcements.

That's it! It's pretty easy to use. On the posted event, the event creator can edit or delete if needed.

Apollo documentation: https://docs.apollo.fyi/getting_started/

[1] Discord is NOT an In Character space. Make an IC event post on the Avlis forums BEFORE you use Apollo to promote it.
[2] The Discord event bot does NOT interact with the Avlis forum event calendar. You can create an event in either or both locations.