Avlisian Rust Monster

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Rust monster2.jpg


Creature Name: Avlissian Rust Monster

Observations by: Svipdagr

Creature Type: Aberration

Creature Subtype: None listed.

CTS trainable: No (rejected, needs additional research or incompatible with CTS, see discussion page).


The Avlissian Rust Monster is most often found in caves with high metal content, sometimes old mining caves as the metals are more accessible to them.

Feeding Habits

None listed.

Disposition and Social Habits

None listed.


Primarily caves near metal veins.


Most compatible: Unknown.

  • The rust monster appears to be an aberration and is not amenable to training.

Other notes

Sadly, the rust monster is a bit of an aberration and is not very amicable nor does it enjoy any type of training. I would advice most adventurers to avoid them, as they tend to be territorial and protective of their food sources. Rust monster1.jpg Rust monster3.jpg