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As I am unsure of the OOC and IC nature of these pages, due to the documentation here: Avlis_Wiki:IC
I will not be putting all information up about Svip since it shouldn't all be public knowledge unless otherwise told,
that there can be OOC info on the page))

Known as Svip by all he's met, Svip is a druid shifter who doesn't much care for people. He tends to be awkward with groups and his personalities vary like his shapes.

OOC info below:
In his various shapes he likes to test people and learn what he can about humanity from various interactions.
Often times he will take a shape and stay in it for days, weeks, or longer to fully understand what the life of that creature/shape is.

Svip's primary companions:

Griz (Wild Grizzly Bear) -- One of Svip's first companions. Griz has been with him for a long long time and probably knows him better than most any being. The two both share a distaste for big cities and love a good nap.

Grumpus (Sandlizard) -- Ever since Svip saw one of these magnificent creatures he wanted to invite one to be a companion. After much work and finally a bit of help from Teleniel, he found a (somewhat) willing companion. Training Grumpus was quite a task and Svip quickly learned to avoid the swinging tail... Eventually, Svip learned that Grumpus would be much happier out in the desert wastes with his own kin.

Slyth (Ice Viper) -- Svip found Slyth, quite sick and nursed him back to health. After a great deal of training, Slyth has become quite the companion and is very protective of Svip.

Other companions he has been seen with:

Drac (dracolisk) -- Svip is always looking to learn about new creatures and see what they are willing to share with him. Svip found Drac in the caves of Ferrell and Svip has probably been teaching Drac about as much as Drac has taught him.

Snaer (white wolf) -- After the passing of Slyth, Svip found Snaer near Grovehaven, after looking for the original viper nest where Slyth was found.

Slythly (small ice viper) -- Svip was looking to find a friend similar to Slyth, and was looking for giant ice vipers but found Slythly and his friends. But small ice vipers are not the same species as giant ice vipers... And the pairing, while educational, was not ideal. Svip was taking Slythly out of Visimontium and could tell he wasn't happy, so Svip left him there, to go back to his friends.

Sir Stinks-a-lot (skunk) -- Svip found Sir Stinks-a-lot in Coldshadow. He was scared and pushed out into a tower by the edge of town. They quickly bonded and Svip took him out of Coldshadow and they are currently looking for a new place for Sir Stinks-a-lot to live.

Squawk (Dire Stirge) -- There is a great deal to learn from the Dire Stirges of Ferrell and Svip has spent quite a bit of time with them... Him and Squawk became good companions and would fly all over Ferrell. Squawk often forgets his more wild like natural abilities so Svip will often let him go back to the wild, so he doesn't completely become tame.

Creatures that have been known to Follow Svip:

Just about anything and everything.

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