Hive Mother

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Stag Beetle.jpg


Creature Name: Hive Mother

Observations by: Svipdagr

Creature Type: Vermin

Creature Subtype: Insect

CTS trainable: No (rejected, needs additional research or incompatible with CTS, see discussion page).


Hive mother

Feeding Habits

Omniverious - eats what comes near it. Like elves.

Disposition and Social Habits

Protected by others


Has only been found inside caves.


Most compatible: Unknown.

  • While one would think the spider fylgia would be the closest they are very different in spirit. The hive mother is much more aggressive.

Least compatible: Unknown.

Other notes

Still studying this companion though it seems very similar to a stag beetle and has no real abilities after training, unlike it's more wilder counterpart.