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What is a Fylgia

In absolute simplest terms, the Fylgia is a sliver of a Druid or Ranger's soul, given animal aspect. It represents a kind of intermediary between the individual and the natural world.


The aspect of a Fylgia plays a very important role in it's application. Presently, there are nine Aspects, and they are listed below.

  • Brown Bear - Powerful, if a little slow, the bear represents raw, physical strength. (Examples)
  • Dire Badger - Cunning and resourceful, the badger is the very middle class of the mammalian class. Preferring strong natural traits in burrowing and other non-combative approaches. (Examples)
  • Dire Boar - Maybe smaller than Bear, but the Dire Boar should not be ruled out in terms of ferocity and combat prowess. Single minded in pursuit of food, the creature is incredibly dangerous when cornered. (Examples)
  • Dire Rat - If the Dire Badger is the middle class, the Dire Rat is definitely the low class. Almost pure cunning and subterfuge, the Dire Rat eeks out existence at the fringe. But they say a secret is known by only three people. The two involved, and the rat they didn't notice watching. (Examples)
  • Dire Wolf - Pure hunting physique, pack instincts and a devotion to a kind of social order makes the Dire Wolf an apex predator. (Examples)
  • Giant Spider - Perhaps the most alien and misunderstood of the Fylgia is the Giant Spider. Architect, patient predator, deadly adversary. (Examples)
  • Hawk - Keen eyed and swift, most never see this one coming. Before they even know what has hit them, the Hawk is in, has done damage, and is out again. (Examples)
  • Panther - Stealth and camouflage hide razor sharp fangs and claws. When the Panther sinks it's fangs into your legs, doom is not far behind. (Examples)
  • Wolf - Somehow more primordial than that of it's dire cousin, the wolf is an enigma. It's baleful cries have been the stuff of nightmares for as long as any race can remember. (Examples)

Companions by Fylgia Types