Brown Bear

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Creature Name: Brown Bear

Observations by: Anonymous ((silverfields2))

Creature Type: Animal

Creature Subtype: Ursine

CTS trainable: Not yet (under Team review).


Brown Bears have furry coats in shades of blonde, brown, black, or a combination of those colors; the long outer guard hairs are often tipped with white or silver, giving a "grizzled" appearance. Brown bears have a large hump of muscle over their shoulders which give strength to the forelimbs for digging.

Feeding Habits

One of the most omnivorous creature in the world. The bear diet rivals that of most of the rest of the races of Negaria. There is very little they will not consume.

Disposition and Social Habits

The brown bear is mostly solitary, although they will gather in large groups at good hunting spots.


The brown bear is usually found in forests, but is pretty adaptable to many different environments.


Most compatible: Brown Bear

  • It is a brown bear.

Other notes

Mother bear imparts the wisdom on the herbs and roots and the healing arts. She reminds us to have a gentle strength preferring to not create confrontation but stand our ground if we must. She is a creature of the earth and that is the wisdom she will give her companion. OoC: This is already a CTS compatible animal as a basic fylgia but had no write up, so have no CTS code. This page was also started by someone else but not brought up to date- hence my choice to submit it as "anonymous".