Dire Stirge

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Dire Stirge.jpg


Creature Name: Dire Stirge

Observations by: Svipdagr

Creature Type: Beast

Creature Subtype: Bird

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


A big mean bird. These are often found in the outskirts of Ferrell and are quite fearsome. They often use their deathlike stares and special abilities to weaken prey before pecking and clawing at them. They also gain strength from some of their bites (vampiric touch), can weaking you with claws (enervation), and their caws fill you with shivers (negative energy burst).

Feeding Habits

Dire Stirges use their darker abilities to weaken their prey before going in for the kill.

Disposition and Social Habits

Often in murders, they attack prey in groups of 3 or more and are very territorial.


Found out and about but often in Ferrell near caves. They prefer the old growth forests, as their is plenty of cover in the large trees.


Most compatible: Hawk

  • It flies... Go figure.

Other notes

Still compiling notes and watching this creature, but... Upon taming the creature it grows significantly weaker in its abilities. It has an intensity (intensity attack) that gives it a momentary burst but its darker abilities are lost.