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Creature Name: Dracolisk

Observations by: Svipdagr

Creature Type: Magical Beast

Creature Subtype: None listed.

CTS trainable: Yes (compatible with CTS).


The dracolisk is a fairly passive creature that avoids fights and chases but when it's territory is threatened and it is backed into a corner it will use all of its abilities, including the occasional acidic breath weapon, to destroy trespassers. They can grow up to 11-13 feet (including the tail) and weigh up to 400 pounds (especially after a fresh kill).

Feeding Habits

It is an omnivorous and likes to set an ambush and use it's fear aura to confuse its prey, then it will often freeze it's prey using it's gaze and slowly feed upon the carcass. It will rarely directly attack to feed unless provoked or in dire need of food.

Disposition and Social Habits

Many dracolisks have dens where there can be more than one (many times found in groups of 2-4). They can be solitary but tend to gather in small colonies for mating or protection.


Usually found in caves but occasionally will leave their homes if in need of food or mating.


Most compatible: Bear

  • It seems the Bear fylgia is close but there still seems to not be a full connection. Perhaps it is closer to the badger and spider due to it's more crafty nature. Since it is more stout and aggressive when cornered, I believe badger would be the closest Fylgia.

Other notes

When having a dracolisk as a companion their powers tend to vary in ability. They still continue to have the ability to have a fear aura and gaze to turn creatures to stone but these abilities are not always as powerful depending on the trainer.

(added in CTS v1.1.0.1)