Chill Spider

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Profile Chill Spider-Highlight.png


Creature Name: Chill Spider

Observations by: Balanvrast Soar, forum name - Gumble Tinkertumble & Svipdagr, forum name - Scott

Creature Type: Vermin ((1284))

Creature Subtype: Arachnid

CTS trainable: Not yet (under Team review).


As the name suggests, the Chill Spider is quite the cold-hearted killer. Dress warmly, if you wish to observe them in their native habitats or if you plan on getting close.

Feeding Habits

None listed.

Disposition and Social Habits

Laying in wait surrounded by others of their kind, these spiders will make your spine shiver.


Chill Spiders prefer the cold and are often found deep inside cave systems where the warming effects if sunshine cannot pierce.


Most compatible: Giant Spider

  • It's a giant spider and follows hunting and basic disposition traits.

Other notes

Chill spiders have been known to be so cold that if one gets too close, it can actually "burn"/freeze you. They also can breath cold air and pulse out a wave of cold as an attack. Much of this is done to slow and preserve their prey.

The chill spider's cold aura can be seen.