Mist Spider

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Profile Mist Spider-highlight.png


Creature Name: Mist Spider

Observations by: Svipdagr

Creature Type: Vermin (("Though other animals in this species might be tameable, this creature is behaving oddly and will not comply."))

Creature Subtype: Arachnid

CTS trainable: No (rejected, needs additional research or incompatible with CTS, see discussion page).


"Stories of the Mist Spiders have been told by miners since ancient times & most agree on the following points: An eerie presence is felt; mind numbing pain & a twisted intelligence." This and their inherent talent for magic, is what makes these spiders quite fascinating.

Feeding Habits

It often uses its spells to both hurt, contain, and then preserve its prey, and then finally goes in for the kill with its jaws.

Disposition and Social Habits

Laying in wait near others of their kind, the mist spider will patiently bide its time, until it can jump upon you. Often seen with other, simpler, spiders. The mist spider allows other spiders to begin the first attack, while it prepares a variety of traps and spells for the prey.


Rarely seen, but most often seen in the underdark in in the deep depths of cave systems.


Most compatible: Giant Spider

  • The mist spider is a cunning and adept predator. It often waits for its prey but has an arsenal of spells and abilities to disable all threats.

Other notes

While similar to the chill spider, the mist spider is much more complex. It has been seen using a variety of spells such as entangle, cone of cold or some sort of cold breath, spinning web, cold aura, electric orb, cold orb, chain lightning, improved invisibility, and cure critical wounds. It is also intelligent enough to target specific parts of the body and knows what will do the most damage (sneak attack). Perhaps they are too smart to tame, though one would think this might also help in taming them...

The mist spider's cold aura can be seen.