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Avlis Ban FAQ

Q: Why was I banned?

A: This was most likely explained to you in your ban notification. If not, you have the right to ask a team member.

Q: How long is my ban?

A: Bans are permanent. This isn't a vault jail or getting grounded. You are banned for life.

Q: This seems unfair. I didn't do anything that bad.

A: Bans are final.

Q: What happens if I've seen the light? I can change!!!

A: Bans are final.

Q: What about my super cleverness? I can get a new set of CD keys. Suck on that Avlis Team!

A: We run back end processes that match more than CD keys. If you try and come back, there will be a nasty note to your ISP.

Q: Oh. That's so weaksauce. I want to complain!

A: Complain away. Bans are final.

Q: Cries Okay. Can I at least get my character on another CoPaP world? They don't know I'm banned.

A: No.

Q: It's been 5 years since my ban. I have grown up a lot, and even volunteer at a shelter for puppies. Can I come back?

A: Bans are final.

Q: I wonder if my friend Benjamin Franklin will let me back about a nice donation?

A: We accept all donations through PayPal (there is a link on the Portal page. Bans are final.

Q: Ooohh!!!I'm so mad now. I'm going to find you and kick your ass.

A: Bans are final. NecroZombie is waiting

Q: I apologize for my attitude. I would like to play though. I'll even join the team to be a builder!

A: Bans are final, and we are declining your request to join the team.

Q: Fine! I'm going to ask someone else on the team.

A: The entire team discusses bans at length. They will give you the same answer. Bans are final.

Q: But...

A: No.

Q: BUT!!!!!!

A: No.


A: No.

Q: Where can I find World of Warcraft?

A: Best Buy. I'd wait for Cataclysm though.