Battle of southhill

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As recorded in Volume VI of the Ul'allelebith:

Three hundred and seventy two years ago a cadre of Blackguards razed the village of Southill. The town's few defenders were cut down by their de facto leader, a strongman by the name of Rarik Jalk. Rarik wielded a scythe he called The Devil's Reaper.

The local lord assembled his militia and a small group of battlemages to face the blackguards and reclaim the town. They were quickly repelled when Rarik rammed his scythe into the ground and called forth... a demon. For The Devil's Reaper was none other than Tanar'Sheev, the Seven Demons.

The next day Equalizers were sent, but even they could not stand down the demon and the man with the wicked scythe. The Malekites started to make demands.

The next day the lord was franctically scribbling a message to Le'Or to request some Champions of O'Ma when twelve dwarves showed up at his keep. One had a hammer that glowed with a soft gold radiance. His name was Jorgim Ironbeard, and he called the hammer Heavendor.

Ironbeard and his eleven brother ascended Southill. When confronted by the demon Jorgim slammed his hammer into the earth and shouted out the name of his master, the almighty Gorethar. Suddenly a light shone down from above and down came a radiant angel.

As the angel and demon fought Jorgim and Rarik faced each other. Their dwarves and blackguards slain, the two leaders were the last standing. Even the angel and demon drove each other from the plane of mortals that day.

Rarik kicked Jorgim and sliced open his belly with his wicked scythe. But even as the dwarf reeled back he crushed the Malekite's knee to powder with his hammer, then swung it up and cracked the man's skull. Both on the edge of death, neither refused to fight to the last. They came at each other one final time, and when he head of Jorgim's hammer struck the blade of Rarik's scythe...

... they disappeared, weapons and all.