Beware of the Giant Kin

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By Willem Lightheart

While traveling through the Spirit Land
A priest invited me to lend him a hand
To find a rather hidden place
And fight in there an evil race
Since on that day I had little else to do
I agreed and said, sure I will help you

Now on the way as we traveled there
We met a girl with a tail and green hair
Now she was quite an interesting sight
And agreed to join us and our fight
So off we went to save the day
And have some fun along the way

At one point things got kind of hard
As a creature made me a petrified bard
Or at least this is what by the group I was told
Cause last thing I remember was killing a kobold
They prayed to Dru’El for my return
And in my heart I felt his blessings burn

Once I was back in the flesh once more
We found the entrance to the cave door
We had to fight our way to get through
For the giants fought as if our mission they knew
We continued to fight once we were inside
The fight was so hard we all almost died

Deep in this place we saw a giant female mage
She spoke to us and seemed to enter a rage
So I swung my sword right at her heart
And my blade nearly broke all apart
After one blow from her I almost fell
So I ran away and cast an invisibility spell

We new alone we could not take her on
Then suddenly this giant she was gone
But the presence of an innocent soul was felt
And we knew it would be lost if not helped
So we gathered ourselves one more time
And set out to put a stop to this crime

We found the body of a Nanshi girl on the ground
And big ugly giant kin standing all around
So we cleared the room by using our swords
And swiftly killing off all of the hordes
Then we raised this girl by the use of a spell
And led her to safety with the living to dwell

Now people you had better beware
For the giants are forming in their lair
And I suggest you never go there alone
But if you do with your god you better atone
For the fight will be tough and one thing can be said
Fight them by yourself and you will end up dead